A Bio Future

Join MassChallenge for a fireside chat that explores biotechnology innovation. From revolutionizing healthcare to powering sustainable energy solutions, biotechnology is paving the way for transformation across various sectors and industries. 

Special guests leading the discussion are Travis McCready, Head of Life Sciences at JLL and former President & CEO of the $1.6 billion life sciences funding agency Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, and Michael Langer, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of T.Rx Capital, a Venture Capital firm focused on creation, seed, and series A investments at the intersection of technology and biology.   

Whether you’re a corporate partner, entrepreneur, researcher, or simply passionate about biotechnology, this event offers a unique opportunity to:  

  • Gain insights into how biotechnology is reshaping various sectors and industries.  
  • Access industry leaders and learn about the BioTech landscape, including emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities. 
  • Understand the unique advantages Texas’ has in advancing biotechnology innovation.