Become a MassChallenge Expert

The MassChallenge expert community is a global network of nearly 3,000 successful entrepreneurs, seasoned industry leaders, and other professionals seeking to help startups succeed. Our experts and mentors are the catalysts of our network, providing invaluable insight, guidance, and feedback. Experts support startups in different roles and in different capacities throughout the accelerator.


  • Judges help select which promising startups enter the accelerator by participating in virtual or in-person judging rounds  
  • Speakers provide formal training, workshops, or info sessions on specific areas of expertise during the accelerator  
  • Mentors work with startups through individualized advising, office hours (in-person or virtual), and tailored events throughout the accelerator  

Become an Expert

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“I worked with an inspiring protege in the 2021 Accelerator. He has a passion for his software solution in the public health social entrepreneurship space. He already has gained momentum through MassChallenge and I believe more success is in store in the future.”
Mark Benson, Expert
Mark Benson
Expert, Judge, and Mentor
“Every time I see the number of jobs MassChallenge cohorts helped to create, I get chills. My small part mentoring future job creators is helping the economic engine of employment. We can all contribute, if our superpowers are channeled in a fulfilling direction.”
Rachel D. O'Neil, Expert
Rachel D. O’Neil
Expert, Judge, and Mentor

Expert Benefits

By volunteering just a few hours, experts provide feedback to entrepreneurs, while also demonstrating commitment and leadership to the innovation community:  


  • Your help benefits MassChallenge and our mission to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to launch and grow new ventures. 
  • As a community member, we are dedicated to advancing you and our team and network are a resource to you.   
  • Learn and give back to the ecosystem by being on the cutting edge of the startup world, gaining exposure to new startups and ideas, and keeping up with the latest technologies and trends   
  • Grow your network through exposure to leading startups and industry leaders   
  • Build your professional brand through your association with the strong MassChallenge brand that allows you to add differentiating professional experience and endorsements to your repertoire  

Eligibility Requirements

  • Entrepreneurs with a demonstrated track record of success  
  • Industry-specific professionals or investors with significant early-stage or industry experience  
  • General business professionals with significant management experience  
  • Technical Experts & University Experts with specific, topical expertise or academic credentials relevant to their field  
  • Executives from a partner firm with specific business, management, and operations expertise  
  • Consultants with employment at reputable firm – or – self-employed with a track record of work at reputable firms Featured experts