Founder's Code

1. Goal  Focused  

MassChallenge provides a time limited opportunity to accelerate your business by gaining access to a unique set of resources and networks. This opportunity is optimized when startups do the work to understand the “next” value inflection point (prototype, paid pilot, repeatable paying customers, seed funding round); set specific goals against that milestone; and use new information and key advisors to revise goals over the course of time.

In the context of MassChallenge, I therefore commit to:  

  • Use the resources provided to me to identify my next value-inflection point
  • Set clear goals to advance my business during the 4-month accelerator program
  • Revisit these goals with my mentors and Wolfpack periodically

2. Intentional Engagement  

The implication of being focused on a set of goals is that you, as a leader, can be rigorous in how you prioritize time. Our program, by design, offers access to an array of resources (seminars, clinics, mentors, networking opportunities). As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to connect the dots between the goals you set to grow the value of your business and how you spend your time.   

To drive this leadership practice, MassChallenge requires entrepreneurs in the program to demonstrate intentional engagement in the program. 

This means that you take time during Boot Camp to acquaint yourself with the full curriculum, mentor network and other resources MassChallenge offers and generate a plan for your time with us that is in-line with your goals.  

This means you will RSVP where appropriate so that staff know whether or not you intend to attend a session or event.  If you RSVP ‘NO’ you offer a quick reason for not attending.  If you RSVP ‘YES’ we expect your attendance.  Cancellations or changes must be communicated 24 hours in advance.   

Intentional engagement does NOT mean you attend all curriculum sessions or the like.  

In the context of MassChallenge, I agree to: 

  • Be intentional in my engagement in the program 
  • Follow through in my commitments or proactively communicate any changes

3. Accountability 

MassChallenge’s model leverages the power of community to support your growth. We expect all MassChallenge participants to demonstrate leadership by being respectful and generous “givers and takers”. 

In the context of MassChallenge, I agree to:  

  • Have at least one founder engaged with my/our assigned “Wolfpack”-a biweekly peer group
  • Engage in our online (Slack) community
  • Be responsive to my peers and MassChallenge staff  including requested deadlines
  • Chart my progress and provide feedback throughout the program including by logging mentors in Accelerate; completing requested surveys; keeping my profile up to date



Our mission is to equip bold entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo and to create meaningful change.