Gain access to novel technology and driven entrepreneurs from the entire MassChallenge portfolio, which includes over 4,000 startups and over 12,000 founders and team members.


The MassChallenge Investor Network is designed to connect accredited investors with MC startups and alumni that are actively fundraising. All investors in the network receive monthly portfolio emails during the last week of each month.

Join the Investor Network

Schedule a meeting with MassChallenge's Investor team to learn more about getting involved.

An Active MC Community Member

There are several more benefits to joining the MassChallenge Investor Network. Investors have the opportunity to participate as an industry expert through judging and mentoring in our programs, as well as invites to program showcases and collider events. Additionally, Investors can closely collaborate with several other entities of the MassChallenge ecosystem. 


MC Program Fast Tracks 

Investors engaged in the MC Community have the opportunity to actively refer startups into our Early Stage accelerator program through Fast Tracks. Fast Tracks allow a set number of referred startups to move immediately into Round 2, ultimately raising the probability of acceptance into the program by 50%.  This is ideal for portfolio companies who need a little help achieving that next big milestone or potential investments where a founder needs additional coaching.  


Event Partnerships 

MassChallenge holds a number of in-person or virtual events throughout the year. These events include networking engagements, thought leadership talks, fireside chats and panels, and exhibition opportunities. We are always seeking mission aligned partners to present engaging and insightful events to our community of startups, alumni, and experts.  


Ecosystem Access  

Engaged investors in the MC community will receive an invitation to participate in market access programs and ecosystem events where MC has a strong presence throughout the year. These community events have the focused goal of enabling startups to network with key stakeholders within our physical communities and where we have clusters of active alumni, investors, and community partners. 


Investment Prizes 

Investment Prizes are offered by accredited investors in conjunction with MassChallenge’s annual awards season. Investment Prizes are not guaranteed and both startup and investor must complete their own diligence and agree to terms after the award is committed. Benefits of Investment Prizes include recognition and visibility at RESOLVE: Masschallenge Awards and Global Summit, on the MC website, and relevant publications; access to information about MC Finalists and relevant startup data; invitations to awards celebrations; and more. Reach out to for more information.