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MassChallenge creates transformative impact for society by equipping bold entrepreneurs with the community, mentorship, and unique funding opportunities they need to disrupt the status quo and create sustainable change. As a global community, we will continue nurturing founders and delivering broad societal benefits at scale through the power of entrepreneurship.


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The Global Network for Innovators

The global community is made of many important stakeholders, however the five most essential are what we consider our pillar roles. If you don’t feel you fit in one of these roles, that’s okay! You can learn more about additional ways to join the network here.

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A Note from our CEO, Cait Brumme

We are at a moment in time in which entrepreneurship can and must play a vital role in addressing humanity’s greatest challenges – climate, equality, human health – and in bringing to life the moonshots that will transform life as we know it, such as space commercialization or synthetic biology. Join us in our mission to equip founders to disrupt the status quo. Read Cait’s Community Statement here.

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