MassChallenge experts are seasoned industry leaders who volunteer their time to support the world’s highest-impact, highest-potential early-stage startups throughout and beyond the accelerator. Becoming a part of MassChallenge's expert pool is a unique opportunity to advise early-stage companies and to network with other high-profile mentors across industries.

supporting masschallenge startups

Experts support startups as mentors and/or as judges:


MassChallenge startups typically build a team of 2-4 mentors to work with throughout the accelerator. Staff, "Mentor Matching" events, and our online dashboard help connect entrepreneurs to the right experts. 

Commitment: Based on the needs of your startup, but during the accelerator program.

  • Proactively mentor startups through individualized advising and office hours (in person or virtual), or by participating in tailored events


Commitment: At-will virtual judging and in-person judging. 

  • Participate in one or two rounds of judging, and help select which promising startups enter the accelerator program
  • Engage in the final round of judging, and help identify the startups in contention for the final cash prize

apply to be an expert

Our experts come from a variety of backgrounds. They are entrepreneurs, investors, executives and others who volunteer their expertise to help entrepreneurs. We want our startups to work with the best, so we’re always recruiting more outstanding experts to join us. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Entrepreneurs with a demonstrated track record of success 
  • Industry-specific professionals with significant early-stage or industry experience 
  • General business professionals with significant management experience 
  • Investors 
  • Technical Experts & University Experts with specific, topical expertise or academic credentials relevant to their field 
  • Consultants with employment at reputable firm or self-employed with track record of work at reputable firms