What is MassChallenge?

Founded in 2009 in Boston, MA, MassChallenge’s mission is to equip bold entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo and create meaningful change.


MassChallenge connects startups, experts, corporations, and communities to grow and transform businesses and economies. We do this work because entrepreneurship is a uniquely vigorous force in driving progress against humanity’s greatest challenges, creating opportunity for individuals, and generating jobs for our economy. We work across sectors to drive a stronger future through collaborative innovation, and support all founders whether they fit or break the traditional venture mold.

“Together, we will breathe new life into our community by buildings a locally grounded, digitally connected global network with the power and purpose to provide access at scale to the resources, support, and ecosystems essential to founders over their entire journey.”  


– Cait Brumme, CEO of MassChallenge

Cait Brumme
“What Healium achieved through MassChallenge was way beyond winning a cash prize, which we did. We gained a remarkable network of advisors, mentors, new board members and introductions to sales channels that we're still working through – a sales pipeline that will be millions of dollars when it's realized.”
Sarah Hill
CEO of Healium
“We wanted to identify creative and talented people, regardless of job description or department, to create a team of focused, innovative thinkers. With MassChallenge, we were able to help define business challenges across the enterprise.”
Mohammed Dastigir
Head of FinTech and HealthTech Partnerships, Ecosystem Development at MassMutual.

MassChallenge Office Locations

United States Offices


10 Fan Pier Blvd, 3rd floor

Boston, MA 02210 USA


225 Dyer Street, 2nd Floor

Providence, RI 02903


1801 Main Street, Floor 10

Houston, TX 77002


3060 Pegasus Park Dr, Building 6

Dallas, TX 75247


International Offices


Israel Offices:

161 Jaffa Street

Jerusalem 9434251


Mexico Offices:

Tlacotalpan 13 int. 2A Roma sur

Cdmx c.p. 06760 Cuauhtemoc


Switzerland Offices:

Chemin du Closel 5

1020 Renens, Switzerland