Announcing the 2018 MassChallenge Rhode Island Cohort

We’re excited to announce the 30 startups joining our inaugural MassChallenge Rhode Island cohort, which represent the most-promising innovations across industries and regions around the world, including four countries and six U.S. states. Together, these startups were selected by a group of expert judges from close to 400 applications based on their potential to create widespread impact.  Of the startups selected: 

•    33% are high tech   
•    27% are general, retail, and consumer goods 
•    20% are social impact  
•    13% are healthcare and life sciences 
•    7% are clean tech and energy 

We’re also proud to share that 53% of the cohort has at least one female founder, well above the industry average. This is reflective of our efforts to foster a more inclusive ecosystem, where women from all backgrounds have the opportunity to launch and scale their businesses.  

As part of the first-ever cohort, entrepreneurs will have unrivaled access to top corporate partners, expert mentorship, tailored curriculum, and dynamic co-working space – all at zero cost and for zero equity. In addition to support and resources in Rhode Island, startups will also have access to the global innovation ecosystem that exists in Boston. 

On October 17, 2018, the accelerator program will culminate at the MassChallenge Awards in Boston, where the most-promising startups will compete for shares of $50,000 in equity-free awards.      

A Note from Andrew Mallon, Program Director
“The quality of our inaugural cohort not only demonstrates the potential impact of entrepreneurship, but the strength of the Rhode Island innovation ecosystem as well. With support from corporates, mentors, and innovation enthusiasts across the state, promising startups from all backgrounds will have an opportunity to successfully launch and scale – making our society more collaborative, optimistic, and effective along the way.”

Meet the 2018 Cohort


United States | Massachusetts 

United States | California

Flexibility to store your cloud data where and when you want it with multi-cloud virtualization and no-downtime migration between clouds

United States | Rhode Island 
Online platform and mobile app that connects K-12 students with nearby college undergraduates for in-¬person tutoring lessons

United States | Massachusetts 
Develops Tracks, a platform for curating free, high-quality web content into digital collections for use in libraries, marketplaces and classrooms


United States | Massachusetts 
Diversity recruiting startup providing a data-driven solution to the diversity crisis in tech

Tank Vision, Inc.
United States | Massachusetts 

The Innovation Scout
United States | Rhode Island 
Machine Learning to match startups, research and open partners with corporate business challenges


LEAF Shellfish
United States | Rhode Island 

United States | Massachusetts 
Makes the global aquaculture industry more profitable with a SAAS based farm management system

RacerX Inc.
United States | Massachusetts 
Helps consumer product manufacturers identify their actual customers by making product registration as easy and worth the effort

Smarter Armour DBA 
United States | Massachusetts 

United States | Massachusetts 
Carpooling platform that encourages employees within the same organization to carpool together to work

United States | Rhode Island 

Your Heaven Audio 
United States | Rhode Island 
Develops CloseUp System, an amplification and recording microphone system for acoustic string instruments which reflects their true, authentic sound

Zoni Foods, Inc. 
United States | Connecticut
Makes plant-based eating a part of people’s everyday lives by making plant-based foods tasty and convenient


Action Auctions
United States | Rhode Island
Web app that uses game theory to incentivize charitable giving

United States | Rhode Island
Improving a child’s confidence, strengthening executive functions, & enhancing school experience by starting a family conversation movement

SoaPen Inc.
United States | New York 
Promoting better hygiene practices among children around the world through play

T-Time Productions 
United States | Rhode Island
Seeks to eliminate the “curriculum void” students experience by integrating more diverse representations into classroom curricula

T-var EdTEch
United States | Rhode Island
Designs and sells devices that teach children of all abilities how to read

United States | Rhode Island
Software for social workers that creates cost savings, builds capacity, saves time and improves professional quality of life


United States | Connecticut

Harmony Development Group, Inc. 
United States | Massachusetts 
Indwelling cardiac implant using natural pressure gradients as a Passive Ventricular Assist Device for Cardiac Rehabilitation

United States | Rhode Island

United States | Ohio
Creates a dual lumen poole suction with already existing spot suction catheters to enable efficient unobstructed removal of fluid


United States | Rhode Island

PowerDocks LLC 
United States | Rhode Island
Develops Aquatic Power Charging Solutions

About MassChallenge
MassChallenge is the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. No equity and not-for-profit, we are obsessed with helping entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, industries, and regions around the world. We also reward the highest-impact startups through a competition to win a portion of several million dollars in equity-free cash awards. Through our global network of accelerators in Boston, Israel, Mexico, Rhode Island, Switzerland, Texas, and the UK; and unrivaled access to our corporate partners, we can have a massive impact – driving growth and creating value the world over. To date, 1,500 MassChallenge alumni have raised over $3 billion in funding, generated approximately $2 billion in revenue, and created over 80,000 total jobs.  

Top MassChallenge Rhode Island Partners
Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, FM Global, Delta Dental, Rhode Island Foundation, Verizon Foundation.