Introducing New MassChallenge CEO, Cait Brumme


Dear MassChallenge Community,

On behalf of the MassChallenge Board of Directors, I write to share exciting news about the leadership and future of MassChallenge: we are thrilled to officially appoint Cait Brumme as CEO.

Many of you know Cait Brumme. She is a long-time member of the MassChallenge family; a vibrant, tenacious, and thoughtful innovator who leads from the front with curiosity and compassion. During her years with us – including her recent role as Acting CEO – Cait has inspired us all with her vision, energy and work ethic and empowered the MassChallenge team to be ambitious in what we can achieve. This is precisely why the Board believes Cait is the right person at the right time to lead MassChallenge forward, and farther.

MassChallenge’s mission is to support entrepreneurs disrupting the status quo. We do this work because entrepreneurship is a uniquely vigorous force in driving progress against humanity’s greatest challenges, creating opportunity for individuals, and generating jobs for our economy. In 2009, MassChallenge established itself as a leader in the science of supporting founders through intentionally connected communities. This methodology has ignited ecosystems in some of today’s most vibrant communities including Austin, Boston, Houston, Israel, Mexico, and Switzerland. Our work has expanded to 18 other countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe where we empower local communities with entrepreneurship. We do this work without focus on our individual gain but instead toward a vision of a stronger future through collaborative innovation.

As the world continues to shift, it has become only clearer how critical the promise and possibility of entrepreneurship is to address the challenges before us all. Today’s greatest challenges of climate, inequality, social justice, and human health – and the stubborn inequities in access to funding – require not a continuation but rather an acceleration and expansion of entrepreneurship. Our work must continue with urgency.

Cait has deep knowledge of MassChallenge, its mission, operations, and extraordinary global network of innovators. She is visibly passionate about our mission and unapologetic in her belief we can and must do more. Cait has spent her career championing the opportunity for investment and business to play a more intentional role in addressing the greatest challenges society faces. She brings necessary expertise working at the intersection of public, private, and academia. Her deep experience building programs, partnerships, and amplifying the need to solve for impact will most certainly bring our work at MassChallenge to the next level.

On behalf of the MassChallenge Board of Directors and our mission, I could not be more optimistic or enthusiastic to have Cait Brumme lead us in our next phase. Please join us in welcoming Cait as our CEO!

Congratulations, Cait!

Mo Cowan


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