MassChallenge Israel Announces 2021 Accelerator Program Cohort

42 Israeli and international startups chosen to participate in the prestigious four-month program

Jerusalem – March 18, 2021: MassChallenge Israel, part of MassChallenge’s global network of innovation engines and zero-equity startup accelerators, today announces the 42 startups who will join the 2021 MassChallenge Israel cohort. The startups were selected in a rigorous judging process from nearly 400 candidates in Israel and more than 30 countries around the world. The MassChallenge Israel 2021 Accelerator Program will run from April through July 2021, to prepare the entrepreneurs and early-stage companies to take their social impact missions to the next level through mentorship, education, connections and introductions to partners, experts and investors within the MassChallenge Israeli and global network. 

“MassChallenge Israel understands that often the best ideas and solutions come out of economic and social crises and hardships. The past year has presented global challenges across every industry and sector, but has also showed us how international collaboration has led to advances in science and logistics that were previously unattainable,” says Yonit Golub Serkin, Managing Director of MassChallenge Israel. “We are committed to our mission that innovation knows no borders or nationalities and we are proud to attract and accelerate companies, ideas and a diversity of founders working to solve the pressing environmental, scientific, social impact and medical issues that affect the global community.”

“On behalf of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage I am excited to take part in this ‘Mass Challenge’,” says Avi Cohen, Director General of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage. “The number of founders joining MassChallenge in Jerusalem is proof that this city is becoming a global leading center for bright and innovative young people and startups. This is just one of the projects that are building Jerusalem as a leading technological and innovation capital. We are eager to support and grow these new companies creating solutions for communities world-wide.”

In its most geographically diverse applicant pool to date, the 2021 MassChallenge Israel program includes startups from 11 countries including Germany, Ghana, India, Mexico, Norway, Rwanda, South Africa, Spain, The United Arab Emirates and The United States, in addition to Israel. 43% of the startups in the 2021 cohort are led by a female leadership team or co-founder.

The companies participating in the 2021 program cover a range of industries: 

  • 36% General (including Aerospace, Agriculture, Entertainment/Media, Food, Beverages and Restaurants, Materials and Travel/Tourism)  
  • 33% Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • 17% High Tech (including Cyber, E-Commerce, EdTech and FinTech)
  • 10% Social Impact
  • 5% Energy and CleanTech

In addition to the core accelerator program, MassChallenge Israel will run a curated track and a sector-specific initiative for startups with additional programming, education and mentorship with its corporate partners. IAI-ELTA will lead a Nanotechnology and Metamaterial track assisting early-stage companies operating in the sphere to get their research market-ready. Arc Impact is partnering with MassChallenge to launch “The Impact Series”, assisting companies tackling the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and incorporating ESG matrices into growing startups. The series will help scale startups working to eradicate global hunger, promote quality education, good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation and affordable and clean energy.

The 42 startups were selected by panels made up of leading experts from over twenty Israeli and global organizations, including JPMorgan Chase, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Cisco, Via, IAI-ELTA, Verizon Ventures, and IBM. The entrepreneurs and companies participating in the program will benefit from connections to MassChallenge’s professional partners in Israel and around the world, all for zero-equity taken. Selected companies will access one of the deepest and largest active mentor networks in Israel.

MassChallenge Israel is proud to be headquartered in the diverse city of Jerusalem and continue its mission to foster opportunity, growth and collaboration in the Israeli technology and innovation ecosystem. 

“Jerusalem is proud to be the host city of MassChallenge Israel and a continually expanding center of global research and innovation,” says Eyal Haimovsky, CEO of the Jerusalem Development Authority. “We are committed to fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment to support Israeli and international startups and entrepreneurs as they continue to expand their missions on the local and international stage.”

In July 2021, the MassChallenge Israel program will conclude with an announcement of ten prize winners who will receive a curated all expenses paid business trip to Boston and New York City in Fall 2021.  

The 249 alumni companies of MassChallenge Israel have raised over $520 million to date, while creating 11,000 direct and indirect jobs globally.


Accesstravels (Israel) is an inclusive community-based travel platform and solution enabling physically disabled persons to overcome the barriers of access to global travel.

Accounting Made Easy (South Africa) is a business financial literacy tool that uses a gamified, interactive web app to power a seamless synchronous learning experience in just 7 hours. 

Arcadia (Israel) converts gaming to Seamless Math Learning. Using no mathematical symbols and no words, it leads children to intuitive discovery and mastery of math.

Ayambe Talent Solutions Ltd (Rwanda) is a machine learning powered platform that matches skilled technicians in Africa to clients in need of their skills at anytime, anywhere.

EcoPhage (Israel) is an agribiotechnology company, providing sustainable and effective, phage-based crop protection solutions for bacterial diseases. 

EroeGo Inc (United Arab Emirates) is a fast, sustainable, and equitable app-based solution allowing consumers access to soon to expire fresh groceries at affordable prices.

ExcelHERate (Israel) uses deep technologies to help companies hire a more diverse senior workforce.

EyeKnow (Israel) keeps children and seniors under care, safe, and healthy 24/7 using AI. 

Fabric (United States) brings geospatial experiences to mobile apps by combining real-time geolocation, augmented reality and messaging capabilities in one turnkey technology.  

Fabriloo (Israel) Fabriloo’s Volume Reducing Bags (VRB) is an off-grid, waterless sanitation system that is compact, affordable and easily stored for disaster preparedness.

FlyWorks (Israel) is creating the benchmark drone working tool for large scale commercial grade drone operations.

Gastrocampo (Spain) is a SaaS-enabled marketplace where small & medium sustainable food producers connect directly with restaurants in order to manage sales in a transparent, direct and efficient way.

Goaceit (Israel) empowers youth to achieve peak performance and enhance well-being using personalized digital solutions.

IMMA (Israel) is reinventing the fertility journey by offering women a self-operated remote device to perform their own follow ups in the comfort, safety and intimacy of their home, part of a broad system creating a comprehensive, dedicated and innovative environment #DigitalFertility.

Kinoko-Tech (Israel) is re-imagining the future of food. Harnessing fermentation to expand personal and planetary health.

Liposphere Ltd. (Israel) develops unique water-based biolubricants to coat biological and artificial surfaces to enhance lubricity and hydration..

Matricelf (Israel) is developing a platform for autologous (personal) 3D printing of tissues and organs that significantly reduce the risk of rejection. (India) is simplifying micro-credit business with AI-powered mobile platform for less tech-savvy borrowers.

More Foods (Israel) creates novel, high-protein and tasty meat alternative products by harnessing side streams from the food industry.

Munevo (Germany) empowers people with disabilities through smart and innovative technology, including DRIVE, the first wheelchair control using smart glasses as a joystick alternative.

Nymiz Software Company (Spain) is a software tool that anonymizes and pseudo anonymizes personal data from documents and databases to protect privacy and remain GDPR compliant.

Pacify Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd (India) is a medical device startup with patent-protected technology that sprays skin tissue on wounds for fast recovery.

Pickapp Farming Ltd. (Israel) is a data-driven control platform for labor-intensive farm managers.

RightHear (Israel) turns public spaces into accessible environments with its audible wayfinding system for the visually-impaired,  90% of whom do not read braille.

SafeUP (Israel) is a community safety network that enables nearby women to protect and support one another.

SAYeTECH Company (Ghana) is a product and service-oriented company that designs and builds smart agricultural machinery embedded with IoT suited for Africa.

SeaWise (Israel) is the smart way to count your fish. AI based fish biomass estimation for the aquaculture industry. 

Serenno Medical (Israel) is developing a novel method to monitor, identify and avoid Acute Kidney Injury and other common, life threatening complications in Intensive Care hospitalizations.

ShanenLi (Israel) helps learners achieve textual fluency and mastery using verbally interactive software based on proprietary teaching techniques.

SlitLED (Israel) is an Ophthalmic Telemedicine startup allowing eye physicians to perform real-time, remote, comprehensive examinations.

SunDo (Israel) is a marketplace for agricultural labor, aiming to fix the agri-labor crisis and farm-level food loss in the developed world.

ThermoTerra (Israel) captures a new source of renewable energy powered by natural fluctuations in humidity, to power, heat and cool buildings.

TikTalk (Israel) offers digital therapeutics for speech therapy offering shorter therapy cycles and well-managed, supervised treatment anywhere, anytime. 

TioTech AS (Norway) is developing the next generation of titania (TiO2) materials for use in fast charging, long lifetime batteries.

TrainPain (Israel) offers digital therapy for neuropathic pain. 

Travaxy Accessible Travel Solutions (Israel) enables offline/online travel agencies and travel APIs to get the most accurate and timely services for their disabled and senior citizen travelers.

V-Opt Ltd (Israel) is an eye-care telemedicine platform connecting patients with ophthalmologists from afar, making ophthalmology accessible, anytime, anywhere.

VenoVision (Israel) is a contactless, AI-driven, cardiopulmonary monitoring platform. 

Violetta (Mexico) is your digital confidant. A safe space to identify acts of domestic violence through a 24/7 chatbot and connect users to psychological and legal help.

Voike Inc. (United States) is the music streaming platform for emerging markets with limited mobile data and internet connectivity.

WiDE (Israel) is an innovative treatment platform for children with autism to learn, explore and become independent. 

Zeppi (Israel) is a floating video call device developed for those unable to use smartphones or tablets for independent video-visits with family and care providers.


MassChallenge Israel Partners

The Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, The Jerusalem Development Authority, The Kraft Group, Universal Music Group, Arc Impact, Goodwin Procter LLP, IAI-ELTA, Poalim Hi-Tech, Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co., US Embassy, Jerusalem, ESOP Excellence, Brandeis University, EisnerAmper, Yigal Arnon & Co., Merchant & Gould P.C., Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud for Startups, Digital Transformation Association (DTA), Peres Center for Peace & Innovation.

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