MassChallenge Israel Announces 2017 Class

Accelerator supports 100 startups in its first two years

Jerusalem, 23 May 2017 – MassChallengeTM, the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet, today announced the selection of 52 high impact, high potential early-stage startup finalists for the 2017 program in Israel. Nearly 500 startups competed for 52 places in the accelerator. The selected startups come from five countries, and work across a range of industries, including future mobility, visual technologies, and InsureTech, among others.

We received incredible feedback from the judges this year about the quality of the startups, and I’m proud to see such a diverse and high-impact class from across industry tracks, religions, and geographies. said Israel Ganot, MassChallenge Israel Managing Director. We rigorously shaped our program this year to face the biggest global challenges entrepreneurs have so we can truly take them to their next business milestone. We cant wait to meet them in Jerusalem this summer.

Over the past seven years, MassChallenge has graduated more than 1,200 entrepreneurs from our intensive accelerator, enabling them to create enormous impact around the world, said John Harthorne, Founder and CEO of MassChallenge. We are proud to welcome such a high-potential class of startups to MassChallenge, and are excited to help them define their future and maximize their impact.


This year’s expert judging panel included more than 170 of the world’s top executives, entrepreneurs, and investors. The judges evaluated the nearly 500 applicants from 40 countries on their ability to demonstrate impact and potential – for ideas ranging from scientific breakthroughs to industry disruptions.

Selected startups focus on the following industries:

  • 38% high tech
  • 27% healthcare and life sciences
  • 13% social impact
  • 13% general/retail
  • 8% energy

The 52 startups will participate in MassChallenges three-month accelerator program, where they receive world-class mentoring from industry experts, tailored programming, free co-working space, and unrivalled access to corporate partners. The accelerator culminates on 12 September 2017 at the MassChallenge Israel Awards, where startups will pitch for the opportunity to win a portion up to half a million in no-equity awards.

MassChallenge also announced the 2017 startup classes for Boston and Switzerland. These 255 startups join MassChallenges established international community of 1,211 alumni. 


View the full list of Finalist profiles here.


MassChallenge Israel 2017 Finalists


High Tech

Aero-plan (Tel Aviv) A marketplace for travel assistance and medical services, connecting insurance/assistance companies with service providers.

AuCoDe (Massachusetts) Automatically detecting controversy and crisis situations, helping quant trading firms to beat their competition to the best trades.

c2a sec (Jerusalem) – A patent-pending method for implementing a firewall type functionality in the car.

CAPITAL MARS (Jerusalem) – Tech-driven collaborative platform for diversified investments in premium professionally managed funds, so far inaccessible to about 90% of investors.

Capricia Productions LTD (Jerusalem) – A game-development company specializing in creating video games tailored to interact with musical albums, compositions, and other audible art.

Clidrotech (Central) – we developed a system that can provide vehicle’s actual weight at a resolution of 100 gram/Ton without the need for external scale.

EarlyBirds (Tel Aviv) Helping teams to communicate better by creating a summary of what happened when they were offline.

FarmZee (Jerusalem) – FarmZee is an SMS and internet “hybrid” marketplace for agriculture in emerging markets that connects farmers and buyers before harvest.

Gabriel (Central) – Changing the rules for surviving (and preparing for) safety and security threats by putting smart tech within reach of every hand.

Inka Robotics (Haifa) An autonomous robot that gives tattoos both performing designs the human hand cannot, and reproducing tattoos so famous artists can have their designs tattoos all over the world.

ITsMine (Tel Aviv) – ITsMine is reinventing data security. the product is a threat aware, automatic, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) system.

NanoRun (Tel Aviv) A novel suspension trainer used for aerobic workouts that is also wirelessly connected to generate an addictive experience via digital immersion.

OtheReality (Jerusalem) Using VR clips, high-school students are able to experience the world through the eyes of others in society (ex. males as females, etc.)

Preksh Innovations (India) – Preksh is an AR/VR technology platform for retailers to create immersive shopping experiences for their customers on mobile, desktop and VR.

Traxx (Central) Connecting your motorcycle to the internet.

TriEye (Jerusalem) – We are developing SWIR detector for self-driving cars applications, which enables low-cost night vision and extreme weather sensing.

VALERANN (Central) – The driver of this technological revolution is information. Transportation information systems must be comprehensive and all-encompassing.

Vicarius (Jerusalem) A product offering an automatic exposure of any known software breach, alongside the ability to discover and group the code-level application features.

Virtuality New Space (Jerusalem) A new shopping experience on VR that allows customers to interact naturally with products using only their hands.

WAZZA (Jerusalem) – A confidential Arabic platform that improves the connections between parents, kids and their kindergarten teachers.


Healthcare/Life Sciences

6Degrees (New York) – 6Degrees is developing an encapsulated solution helping people with Loss of Hand Dexterity reconnect to their digital life.

Bio-Immunate (Jerusalem) – Bio-ImmuNate (BI) develops a breakthrough therapeutic filter to treat Multiple Sclerosis. 

Dynamic Orthotics (Jerusalem)

Elizabot (Tel Aviv) – Powered by advanced AI, Elizabot connects patients, insurers and providers in developing countries to revolutionize healthcare.

Extreme Simulations (Tel Aviv) Providing readily accessible, high-fidelity innovative simulations tools used for emergency incident training.

FlexAble Orthopedics (Jerusalem) – Do your hip replacement ONLY once. Flexable Orthopedics is developing a universal add-on preventing hip replacement failure.

Libra@Home (Jerusalem) Neuro-rehabilitation that uses virtual reality and wearables.

Nano Textile Ltd. (Central) A disruptive technology in the field of anti-bacterial textile coating.

Nanosynex (Tel Aviv) – Our mission is to fight the growth of resistant bacteria with a microfluidic diagnostic device that will cut current time to results by half.

ORCHID GREEN LTD. (Tel Aviv) Developing AAPE1, an antioxidant which AAPE1 is chemically stable, water soluble, and inhibits wrinkle formation.

ReachMore (Tel Aviv) Expanding the reach of authorities following traumatic events in order to provide additional care and resources to impacted individuals.

SensoGenic (Central) A device that can sense food ingredients without any physical contact, and report back to the user’s smartphone of the allergens detected.

Shamaym (Tel Aviv) Implementing aviation-based techniques to drastically decrease number of unnecessary deaths in hospitals.

VOTIS Subdermal Imaging Technologies (Jerusalem) Enabling quick and accurate non-invasive screening and staging of subcutaneous pressure injuries, without the use of radiation.


Better juice (Southern) – We developed a Non-GMO, biotechnology process, for reducing calorie content from 100% fruit juice by converting sugars to dietary fibers.

Gooster (Tel Aviv) – The A.I powered travel buddy, giving travelers on-the-go travel tips, personalized recommendations, and real-time support.

Quali.Fit (Tel Aviv) – An automatic headhunter, it finds the ideal candidates for each job offer, easily.

RePark Social Parking (Central) – Renting private parking spaces by the hour at any hour. It increases parking availability by 30%, while reducing pollution, and traffic jams.

SunZee (Tel Aviv) – Making sunscreen available on the go.

UMo – Urban Mobility (Israel) – Our technology platform enables cities & enterprises to increase walking & cycling over car use for happier healthier citizens & communities.

Yarok Technology Transfer (Jerusalem) Fast microbiological testing system for the fresh food industry to protect consumers and safeguard producer interests.

Social Impact

CauseMatch (Jerusalem) An algorithm-based planning platform for annual fundraising and a suite of high-impact fundraising tools to execute that plan.

Ecotech Recycling (Palestine) Exploiting electronic waste as a source of precious and rare metals for environmental and economic development.

Kheyti (India) Ending poverty for 1 million small farmers through a “Greenhouse-in-a-Box”, an affordable, modular greenhouse bundled end-to-end services.

Novotalk (Central) Novotalk providing an on-demand, self-directed tele-therapy, and a real-life integration training platform for people who stutter.

RenewSenses (Jerusalem) – We create a novel eyes-free perceptual experience for visually impaired, conveying the world through soundscapes in a head mounted device.

Sukriti Social Foundation (India) Changing the present sanitary conditions of the country with an aim of impacting the lives of millions.

Talklet (Jerusalem) – A tool to track and monitor parent-child speech, and offer quantity and quality metrics and feedback to parents and speech therapists.

Clean Tech

Catalytic Innovations (Rhode Island) – Catalytic Innovations develops electrolysis technology to clean up our air and environment.

SolarChange (Tel Aviv) Using blockchain technology to reliably create, maintain, trade energy and renewable data, incentivizing the energy supply chain.

Vostok (Spain) – Electric mobility solutions that help make affordable, easy and clean mobility the norm.

WaterComms (Jerusalem) – WaterComms disrupts how water is managed in off-grid communities. We create sustainable access to technological know-how and servicing.

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