MassChallenge Israel Announces 2022 Accelerator Program Cohort

45 Israeli and international startups chosen to participate in the prestigious four-month program 

Jerusalem – March 30, 2022: MassChallenge Israel, part of the MassChallenge global network for innovators and zero-equity startup accelerators, today announces the 45 startups who will join the 2022 MassChallenge Israel cohort. The startups were selected in a rigorous judging process from over 300 candidates in Israel and from more than 30 countries around the world. The MassChallenge Israel 2022 Accelerator Program will run from April through July 2022, to prepare the entrepreneurs and early-stage companies to take their impactful missions to the next level through mentorship, education, networking and introductions to partners, experts and investors within the MassChallenge Israeli and global network. 

“MassChallenge Israel recognizes that the world has changed during the Covid-19 pandemic such that empowering innovation is needed more than ever. The past couple of years have spurred entrepreneurship and innovation not only in the health sector but also in how we work, learn, stay connected and it has refocused on creating a positive impact where it truly matters,” said Aaron Zucker, Managing Director of MassChallenge Israel. “While we continue to innovate around our program offerings to meet this evolving environment, we remain committed to our mission that innovation knows no borders or nationalities. We are proud to attract and accelerate companies, ideas and a diversity of founders working to solve the pressing environmental, scientific, social impact and medical issues that affect the global community.”

Accordingly, the 2022 MassChallenge Israel program includes startups from 12 countries including Germany, Canada, India, France, Nigeria, Greece, Philippines, Spain, The United Kingdom and The United States, in addition to Israel. Just under 30% of the startups in the 2022 cohort are led by a female leadership team or co-founder.

The companies participating in the 2022 program cover a range of industries: 

  • 52% General (including Aerospace, Agriculture, Entertainment/Media, Food, Beverages and Restaurants, Materials and Travel/Tourism)  
  • 32% Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • 29% High Tech (including Cyber, E-Commerce, EdTech and FinTech)
  • 10% Alternative Protein, participating in the Better Plate Track in partnership with the Modern Agriculture Foundation
  • 9% Energy and CleanTech

In addition to the core accelerator program, MassChallenge Israel will run a curated track and a sector-specific initiative for startups with additional programming, education and mentorship with its corporate partners. IAI-ELTA will lead a Bio-convergence track assisting early-stage companies operating in the sphere to get their research market-ready. Arc Impact is partnering with MassChallenge to launch “The Impact Series”, assisting companies tackling the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and incorporating ESG matrices into growing startups. The series will help scale startups working to eradicate global hunger, promote quality education, good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation and affordable and clean energy.

This year MassChallenge Israel will also offer the Better Plate Track, in partnership with the Modern Agriculture Foundation. The track provides select startups unique access to cultivated content, networking opportunities and assist in building corporate partnerships to support bringing these new alternative protein technologies to market.

The 45 startups were selected by panels made up of over 115 leading experts representing over twenty Israeli and global organizations, including JPMorgan Chase, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Cisco, Via, IAI-ELTA, Verizon Ventures, and IBM. The entrepreneurs and companies participating in the program will benefit from connections to MassChallenge’s professional partners in Israel and around the world, all for zero-equity taken. Selected companies will access one of the deepest and largest active mentor networks offered in Israel.

MassChallenge Israel is proud to be headquartered in the diverse city of Jerusalem and continue its mission to foster opportunity, growth and collaboration in the Israeli technology and innovation ecosystem. 
“Jerusalem is proud to be the host city of MassChallenge Israel and a continually expanding center of global research and innovation,” said Eyal Haimovsky, CEO of the Jerusalem Development Authority. “We are committed to fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment to support Israeli and international startups and entrepreneurs as they continue to expand their missions on the local and international stage.”

This May the program will begin with the first ever Launch conference in Jerusalem. This will be two days of in-person content delivered by exceptional speakers alongside team-building exercises and immersive experiences in Jerusalem. That evening the entire Jerusalem ecosystem will be invited to join in welcoming the new cohort at a cocktail reception for partners, experts, mentors and alumni. This event is being made possible through generous partners and individual donors.

In July 2022, the MassChallenge Israel program will conclude with an announcement of ten prize winners who will receive a curated all expenses paid business trip to Boston and New York City in Fall 2022.  

The 291 alumni companies of MassChallenge Israel have raised over $520 million to date, while creating 11,000 direct and indirect jobs globally.


AlgaHealth (Israel) is a biotech company using microalgae to revolutionize health and wellness and fight climate change.

Arrows (Israel) has created a wearable virtual personal assistant powered by AI and embedded in AR glasses, empowering individuals with autism to develop their social interaction skills.

Atiko Technologies (Israel) brings the lab out into the open, enabling tests to be performed anywhere and anytime, yielding high-quality results within seconds.

Click A Tree (Germany) has created a platform to engage a wider audiences in global reforestation efforts, so everyone can easily help save the plant.

Covary (Israel) is a P2P co-operative income protection coverage designed for freelancers.

Cuspa (Israel) is providing a state of the art transcatheter repair solution for heart valve insufficiency.

DECAP Research & Development (Canada) designs easy-to-use protective devices to eliminate needlestick injuries for millions of healthcare, veterinary and research workers.

Droxi (Israel) Droxi’s AI tools help primary care physicians reduce the amount of time spent on non-patient-facing tasks

Electric Drive Unit (EDU) (Nigeria) is a device capable of motorizing manual wheelchairs for increased convenience while maintaining a low cost.

EVRE (India) enables sustainable mobility by powering electrified vehicles through clean energy.

Fabumin (Israel) develops a plant base substitute for albumin, an egg protein, by using by-products of the food industry.

Farmstand (United Kingdom) is changing the way the world gets meals delivered to all kitchens.

Healables Digital Health (Israel): Wearables that Heal! We create clothing that heals sports injuries, chronic pain and opioid addiction.

Hyphen SCS (India) is building India’s largest integrated warehousing & fulfillment platform.

IntraGel Therapeutics (Israel) invented a safe, effective and targeted anti-cancer therapeutic gel to battle oncology patients’ solid tumors

Knotifire – wildfire detection system (Israel) has invented an early wildfire detection system based on innovative, patent-pending sensors and powered by sustainable energy.

LESS-labs (Israel) present a cleaning solution revolution: a unique line of 100% safe and effective cleaning products, packed in small capsules – saving plastic, water transportation and carbon pollution.

Liquid360 (Israel) unleashes the power of your security infrastructure for deep situational awareness and accelerated field operations.

LiVert (France) disrupts the e-commerce sector by helping customers pool their online shopping deliveries together, enabling free and greener deliveries.

LogisticEye (Israel) is the most affordable tracking solution for shipment validation, ensuring that every package is delivered to the right place and never gets lost.

Made Right (Israel) has built a model that economizes waste and produces a competitive, sustainable fungi-based solution for the packaging industry.

MindTension (Israel) accurately diagnoses levels of attention deficit by measuring reflexive responses to auditory stimuli.

Mush Foods (Israel) are growing sustainable alternative protein based on mushroom mycelium as an ingredient for industrial B2B food companies.

NEVARO (Portugal) offers digital health solutions for mental health therapeutics and wellbeing management, based on clinically-validated gamification and biofeedback.

Non-Polymeric3D (Israel) create new and better non-polymeric materials for the Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) and Powder Injection Molding (CIM, MIM, and µMIM) industry.

Pairzon (Israel) is a leading AI technology solution for physical retailers which connects in-store consumers to their online identities thus boosting sales, revenues and Marketing ROI.

PoLoPo (Israel) is developing a platform for large scale production of functional and nutritious proteins in edible plants, helping you get more out of what you eat.

RideRadar Technology (Philippines) is an aggregator platform of ride-sharing & on-demand delivery services, the “Trivago” of on-demand rides & delivery services. (Israel) offers automated data-driven advertising for physical stores enabling the store owners to measure ROAS for the first time.

SAAK Better Hearing (Israel) developed an implant technology that addresses the shortcomings of existing technologies in striving for full restoration of hearing.

SAAVI (United States) delivers life-saving surfactant therapy quickly, easily, and safely to preemie babies.

Slide.AI (Israel) creates on-brand presentations from any text or document within seconds.

Smart resilin (Israel) produces resilin, a bio-based super-performing material for sustainable applications with superior features.

Solmeyea (Greece) creates highly functional plant-based proteins through an IP protected “hybrid vertical microalgae farming” process.

SOLVEAT Functional Nutrition Solutions (Israel) directly integrates herbal medicine into everyday foods, revolutionizing and targeting them to specific medical conditions.

Spectalix (Israel) developed a white label UGC video platform for consumer apps to help maximize user engagement and monetization.

Spiro (Israel) has developed a small and portable device that makes quick, automatic and reliable lung check by medical professionals and by patients or family members at home possible.

Stacked (Israel) created a relationship capital tool that helps you put your network to work.

SuperVision (Israel) SuperVision’s novel approach enables food spoilage detection in the blink of an eye, using only a camera and a light source.

Supplyve (Israel) provides a frictionless ordering system for small retailers and their suppliers.

Urban Air Purifier (UAP) (Spain) manufactures high efficiency air purifying devices, indoors and outdoors, that are also a digital signage media for large spaces.

Vidalgo (Israel) leverage AI and NFTs to create, edit and monetize animated infographics.

Viliso Technologies (India) is involved in the design, development & manufacturing of IoT based environment and health-hygiene monitoring products.

Vinvo (Israel) is a shopping experience that is good for you, for the community, and for the planet.

Worqly (Israel) empowers self-employed workers with a financial management app built for the gig economy, simplifying their business finances and helping them save time and money.

MassChallenge Israel Partners

The Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, The Jerusalem Development Authority, IAI-ELTA, Modern Agriculture Foundation, Arc Impact, Universal Music Group, Goodwin Procter LLP, Poalim Hi-Tech, Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co., Brandeis University, EisnerAmper, Yigal Arnon & Co., Merchant & Gould P.C., Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud for Startups, Digital Transformation Association (DTA).

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