MassChallenge Israel Announces 2023 Early-Stage Accelerator Program Cohort

49 Israeli and international startups chosen to participate in the prestigious four-month program

Jerusalem – April 2, 2023:  MassChallenge Israel, part of the MassChallenge global network of innovators and the largest zero-equity startup accelerator in Israel, announced today the 49 startups joining the 2023 MassChallenge Israel Early-Stage Accelerator. With over 350 applicants this year from over 15 countries, founders pitched their ventures to panels combined of local and international experts, sharing the most cutting-edge innovations in Health-Tech, Food-Tech, Clean-Tech, SAAS, EdTech and everything in between.

The MassChallenge Israel 2023 Early-Stage Accelerator Program will run from April through July 2023, giving these selected passionate entrepreneurs and their early-stage companies the opportunity to take their groundbreaking ideas to the next level. MassChallenge Israel’s strategic early-stage accelerator focuses on establishing quality mentorships, transformational content through courses and workshops, and networking opportunities with our community including our partners from the private and public sectors, volunteer experts and investors who are all part of the MassChallenge exclusive global network.  

“MassChallenge emerged in response to the financial crisis of 2008. We have grown and evolved such that MassChallenge Israel is positioned to support founders as they face the current challenging economic markets and the lingering impact of the pandemic. Today more than ever, early-stage startups must focus on building strong business fundamentals to allow these ventures to create a positive impact where it truly matters.” says Aaron Zucker, Executive Director of MassChallenge Israel. “While we continue to innovate around our program to meet this evolving environment, we remain committed to our mission that innovation knows no borders or nationalities. We are proud to attract and accelerate companies, ideas and a diverse group of founders dedicated to solving the pressing environmental, scientific, social and medical issues that affect the global community.”

The 2023 MassChallenge Israel program includes startups from a variety of countries including Aregentina, Brazil, Colombia, India, Nigeria, Spain, The United Kingdom and The United States, in addition to Israel. 35% of the startups in the 2023 cohort are led by female leaders or have a female co-founder.

The companies participating in the 2023 program cover a range of industries:

  • 28% General (including Aerospace, Agriculture, Entertainment/Media, Hardware, Materials and Travel/Tourism) 
  • 30% Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • 15% High Tech (including Cyber, SAAS, E-Commerce, EdTech and FinTech)
  • 15% FoodTech & Alternative Protein
  • 12% Energy and CleanTech

In addition to the core accelerator program, MassChallenge Israel will run curated tracks and sector-specific initiatives for startups through customized programming, educational sessions and tailored mentorships with its corporate partners.

For the second year, MassChallenge Israel will offer the Better Plate Track in partnership with the Modern Agriculture Foundation. The track provides select startups unique access to cultivated content, networking opportunities and will assist in building corporate partnerships to support bringing these new alternative protein technologies to market.

For the first year, the best performing finalists from the MassChallenge Israel Early-Stage Accelerator in the fields of Sustainable Food and Health will have the opportunity to be invited to join post-accelerator programming at MassChallenge in Switzerland (FoodTech) and the U.S. (Health).

The 49 startups were selected by panels made up of over 125 leading experts representing over twenty Israeli and global organizations, including JPMorgan Chase, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Cisco, Via, IAI-ELTA, Verizon Ventures, and IBM. The entrepreneurs and companies participating in the program will benefit from connections to MassChallenge’s professional partners in Israel and around the world, all for zero-equity taken. Selected companies will access one of the deepest and largest active mentor networks offered in Israel.

MassChallenge Israel is proud to be headquartered in the diverse city of Jerusalem and continue its mission to foster opportunity, growth and collaboration across the Israeli technology and innovation ecosystem.

“The Jerusalem Development Authority congratulates MassChallenge Israel and the 49 new startups that will be arriving and operating from the city.” says Eyal Haimovsky, CEO of the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA). “These startups will be able to take advantage of the robust local ecosystem, grants and infrastructure established by the JDA in cooperation with the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, focused on developing and increasing Jerusalem’s technology industry.”

The accelerator kicks off with the Launch Conference, spanning two days in Jerusalem. The in-person event will bring together top content curators, providing engaging presentations and immersive workshops covering hot topics such as team dynamics, strategies and more. The event will include an exclusive cocktail networking evening with our partners, expert community, alumni and media.  This event is being made possible through generous partners and supportive individual donors committed to the growth of Israel’s ecosystem at home and global potential for change.

In July 2023, the MassChallenge Israel program will conclude with an announcement of ten prize winners who will receive a curated all expenses paid business trip to Boston and New York City scheduled for Fall 2023. 

The 330 alumni companies of MassChallenge Israel have collectively raised over $1.2B to date, while creating over 17,000 direct and indirect jobs globally.


Amis AI – the platform that identifies and solves bullying and loneliness in schools (Colombia).

AMMFI – Carbon Forestry’s FinTech platform provides monitoring and carbon monetizing services for growers and food industries, integrating remote-sensing technologies and agro-forestry algorithms (Israel).

anydish – created a breakthrough AI technology for health professionals that automates personalized recipe choices and nutritional tools for clients, meeting complex clinical needs and culinary preferences” (Israel).

askBelynda – is on a mission to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability by shifting consumer spending to environmentally friendly and ethical products (United States).

BeAir – specializes in atmospheric water generation (AWG) technology, offering an efficient and climate-independent solution for pure water production in areas with limited accessibility (Israel).

Bimmatch – Their platform streamlines the materials management process for construction projects, ensuring they are completed within budget, and with net-zero impact on the environment (Israel).

BioShade – has developed an autonomous Green Infrastructure that increases vegetation cover at scale in order to solve the urban heat islands (Israel).

The Blue Box Biomedical Solutions – offers a non-invasive, AI-based breast cancer detection device for early diagnosis and improved patient outcomes (Spain).

BotanoHealth – offers next-generation, all-natural organic pesticides, reducing food loss due to plant diseases and fungus while improving environmental safety (Israel).

Canvaloop Fibre – is transforming agriculture waste into sustainable textile biomaterials using proprietary technology, benefiting brands and manufacturers globally (India).

Clearly Earth – is driving the global transportation industry to net zero. Through trip-level tracking, its software solution helps fleet operators to identify, price and fund decarbonization projects (United Kingdom).

CODA – aims to break the invisible barrier of communication for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community (Israel).

DairyX – is creating animal-free and clean label dairy products using functional milk proteins made in yeast through precision fermentation (Israel)

Diversity Intelligence – is an AI-based platform that helps employers optimize hiring and management of autistic or disabled employees globally (Israel).

Dormotech Medical – specializing in monitoring and diagnosis of sleep disorders at home, with a personal reusable and totally wireless device, for minimal labor and maximum comfort (Israel).

Effectivate – is a cutting-edge, personalized brain-training program, striving to help older adults maintain their quality of life by preserving their cognitive state and clarity (Israel).

GreenEggs – has cracked the secret to an entirely plant-based egg, offering a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to poultry eggs (Israel).

Guardoc – is a clinical risk management solution continuously monitors and validates the patient’s clinical data integrity, thus improving compliance, reducing liability claims and preventing negative patient outcomes (Israel).

Health.Ei – helps individuals overcome health disparities by improving medical communication using generative AI to enhance patient participation and continuum of care (Israel).

H2OLL – is an Atmospheric Water Generator providing a high quality, reliable water source where other technologies fail (Israel).

Joyverse – is an AI-driven no-code creator platform, making it easy for everyone to build 3D immersive micro-experiences for brands and the metaverse, becoming the WordPress for the Metaverse (United States).

KaYama Foods – is developing plant-based alternatives to traditional fat products, promoting sustainability and a healthier lifestyle (Israel).

MADA Analytics – is developing a new form of long duration energy storage, with integrated clean dispatchable power, using Liquid Air Energy Storage with clean generation capability, called “Green Capacity tm” (Israel).

McFly – commercializes a heavy-lifter, compact, portable, utility drone for logistics, energy infrastructure and security functions, replacing non-scalable helicopters (Israel).

Meatosis – creates lab-grown fish cell lines for cultivated seafood products using a unique, cruelty-free, and sustainable process (Israel).

MetaBIM – is an industrial engineering SaaS platform that helps process teams manage and share information about manufacturing systems, documents, and equipment (Israel).

MyBenefitz – is a platform that simplifies customer discount management, helping SMB’s increase customer’s engagement and grow their customer base (Israel).

Nolea Health – is solving the healthcare staff shortage problem, with our AI powered mental healthcare jobs marketplace (United Kingdom).

Organa – combines software and AI analysis to help women learn about their bodies and needs, offering personalized sexual consultations and a holistic experience (Israel).

Origametria – is an innovative ed-tech platform using AI and origami to successfully teach geometry, a math subject failed by many students (Israel).

Plantell – uses genetically encoded biosensors for early stress detection in crops (Israel).

Polarity Medical Technology – has developed a life-saving solution which instantly kills hospital-acquired infections and will significantly lower patient mortality and associated healthcare costs (United States).

PregnanTech – is developing a game-changing non-surgical device for delaying preterm birth, aiming to reduce global rates of child morbidity and mortality (Israel).

Quadloop – utilizes electronic waste to build solar lanterns and home systems in Nigeria, brining light through circular economy (Nigeria).

Quiron Digital – has developed a platform that can map land and deforestation while also predicting risks, providing insights and analyzing forest health (Brazil).

RealizeMD – is a Generative AI-driven visual data platform based on real results that prioritizes privacy and increases participation rates in Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, and Medical Aesthetics (Israel).

RedC Biotech – is developing an industrial process to produce donor free, universal red blood cells for life saving medical interventions (Israel).

ReGen – transforms underutilized organic waste into soil regenerating microorganisms, promoting sustainable agriculture and a circular economy (Israel).

Robotic Perception – develops an electric fully autonomous robotic farming solution for vineyards and tree crops, increasing profit margins for farmers (Israel).

Servr Ltd. – is a groundbreaking guest experience platform, bringing hotels to the digital era where they can offer a paramount level of service, all with the fastest and best A.I integration on the market (United Kingdom).

Show – is a marketplace which automatically connects leading brands with the unserved market of live-stream micro-influencers (Israel).

Skali – is a point of care aide for crew members, responding to medical emergencies in remote and challenging locations (United States).

Sylvarum – develops an electrostimulation technology that hacks plant metabolism to improve Controlled Environment Agriculture and increase producers’ yields (Argentina).

TextRe – turns textile waste into new recycled materials which can replace high-Carbon Footprint materials in various industries (Israel).

Thinbikes Limited – provides last mile transportation for goods and people in rural and urban communities (Nigeria).

Urbaniser – is a platform that revolutionizes the way people and business can connect within a city, creating deeper connections using curated suggestions (United Kingdom).

VeinWay Ltd. – is developing an innovative medical device for safer, more efficient, intravenous access and navigation (Israel).

Wakka – helps people with no tech background on their journey to a successful career in the tech industry (Israel).

W-cycle – creates biodegradable packaging materials that reduce plastic waste and protect the environment (Israel).

MassChallenge Israel Partners
The Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, The Jerusalem Development Authority, IAI-ELTA, Modern Agriculture Foundation, Arc Impact, Goodwin Procter LLP, Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co., Brandeis University, Arnon, Tadmor-Levy, Merchant & Gould P.C., Nefesh B’Nefesh, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud for Startups, NVIDIA Inception Program.

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