MassChallenge Israel Announces 2024 Early-Stage Accelerator Program Cohort

30 Israeli and international startups chosen to participate in the prestigious four-month program

Jerusalem – March 6th, 2024:  MassChallenge Israel, part of the MassChallenge global network of innovators and the largest zero-equity startup accelerator in Israel, announced today the 30 startups joining the 2024 MassChallenge Israel Early-Stage Accelerator. With over 150 applicants this year from around the globe, founders pitched their ventures to panels combined of local and international experts, sharing the most cutting-edge innovations in HealthTech, AgTech, CleanTech, SaaS and everything in between.

The MassChallenge Israel 2024 Early-Stage Accelerator Program will run from March through July 2024, giving these selected passionate entrepreneurs and their early-stage companies the opportunity to take their groundbreaking ideas to the next level. This strategic early-stage accelerator focuses on helping founders achieve business milestones by establishing business-goal oriented mentorship, transformational content through courses and workshops, and networking opportunities with the MassChallenge Israel community including partners from the private and public sectors, volunteer experts, and investors who are all part of the exclusive MassChallenge global network. 

“For the past several years the number of new startups being founded in Israel has been declining. Compounded by the atrocities of October 7th there has been a palpable fear about the future of Israeli Tech. Based on the startups that applied and were accepted to the 2024 cohort, we can confidently assure our global community that though the quantity may have decreased, the quality and business readiness have never been higher,” says Motti Sigel, Managing Director of MassChallenge Israel. “The atrocities of October 7th and the rhetoric since then have taught us that now is the time for unconditional excellence. We now demand more of ourselves in contributing to our founders’ success and have restructured the program around achieving measurable business milestones during the program. In parallel, we anticipate more of our founders and expert mentors, for example with required deliverables around go to market plans and customer validated business models. 2024 will be MassChallenge Israel’s best year since our launch in 2016, and will be the foundation of our success for the year’s to come.”

The 2024 MassChallenge Israel program includes startups from a variety of countries including The United States and Israel. 53% of the startups in the 2024 cohort are led by female founders or have a female co-founder. 40% of the startups have a founder directly impacted by the Iron Swords War.

The companies participating in the 2024 program cover a range of industries:

  • 40% Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • 24% High Tech (including SaaS, EdTech, and Cyber)
  • 13% Agtech
  • 13% CleanTech
  • 10% General (Biotechnology, Hardware, Transportation and Logistics)

In addition to the core accelerator program, MassChallenge Israel will run a curated MedTech track for startups through customized programming, educational sessions and tailored mentorships with its many partners.

For the second year, the best performing finalists from the MassChallenge Israel Early-Stage Accelerator in the fields of Sustainable Food and Health will have the opportunity to be invited to join post-accelerator programming at MassChallenge in Switzerland (FoodTech) and the U.S. (Health).

The 30 startups were selected by panels made up of over 80 leading experts representing over twenty Israeli and global organizations, including JPMorgan Chase, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Cisco, Via, IAI-ELTA, Verizon Ventures, and IBM. The entrepreneurs and companies participating in the program will benefit from connections to MassChallenge’s professional partners in Israel and around the world, all for zero equity taken. Selected companies will access one of the deepest and largest active mentor networks offered in Israel.

MassChallenge Israel is proud to be headquartered in the diverse city of Jerusalem and to continue its mission to foster opportunity, growth, and collaboration across the Israeli technology and innovation ecosystem.

“The Jerusalem Development Authority congratulates MassChallenge Israel and the 30 new startups that will be arriving and operating from the city,” says Eyal Haimovsky, CEO of the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA). “These startups will be able to take advantage of the robust local ecosystem, grants, and infrastructure established by the JDA in cooperation with the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, focused on developing and increasing Jerusalem’s technology industry.”

The accelerator is set to kick off with a three-day Launch Week, the first day of which will be held in Jerusalem while the subsequent days will move online. Throughout the entire Launch Week, engaging presentations and immersive workshops will be held in person and online, covering hot topics such as team dynamics, key strategies, mentorship, understanding your startup’s mission and vision, and more. The in-person launch day will culminate with an intimate event which will include the cohort, experts engaged with this year’s program, and MassChallenge Israel partners. This event is being made possible through generous partners and supportive individual donors committed to the growth of Israel’s ecosystem at home and global potential for change.

In July 2024, the MassChallenge Israel program will conclude with an announcement of the winners who will receive a curated all-expenses-paid business trip to Boston and New York City scheduled for Fall 2024.

The 380 alumni companies of MassChallenge Israel have collectively raised over $1.5B to date, while creating over 20,000 direct and indirect jobs globally


ActiveLungs supports pulmonary rehabilitation, prevention of respiratory aggravation, and patient education, all from the comfort of your own home.

AgriFriend empowers food companies, NGOs, and governments to work with smallholder farmers from emerging countries at scale.

AltaStata has created the only zero-trust cloud storage solution that facilitates real-time computing of encrypted data with AI.

Axiv Materials develops eco-friendly textile fibers derived from protein waste, to provide a sustainable solution for the growing negative impact of the textile industry on the environment.

BOB FoodTech is leading the way in media recycling using innovative technology, cutting costs for cultured meat and seafood producers and consumers, and addressing a critical industry challenge.

CommU is an AI-based, culturally sensitive, real-time medical translator, fostering an inclusive and accessible healthcare environment.

Croptimize offers cutting-edge technology that enables food suppliers to optimize their land use by planning what, where, and when to crop.

Curespec offers a non-invasive revolutionary treatment for renal and hypertensive patients, which enhances kidney function and postpones dialysis.

Cybereum is a project management platform that significantly improves the performance of large complex projects, bringing efficiency to a multi-trillion-dollar sector.‘s non-invasive skin biomarker platform for precision medicine changes the way chronic and autoimmune diseases are managed today.

DirecTrainSystems‘s technology revitalizes the rail industry while simultaneously lowering CO2 emissions, enhancing efficiency and saving costs, thus becoming your ticket to a greener, more interconnected future.

DYM-Sense‘s smart technology cannon-invasively indicates blood alcohol concentration, aiming to reduce road accidents caused by drunk driving.

Eidetica Memory has developed new RAM technology, which is ultra-low powered, providing better performance security and significantly reducing world power consumption.

EMRIS PHARMA‘s innovative approach targets skin toxicities induced by cancer treatments, enhancing patients’ quality of life and improving treatment compliance for cancer patients.

EndoCure develops a revolutionary robotic ultrasound system for comprehensive endometriosis lesions’ mapping, leading to quicker diagnosis and customized treatment options.

FirstRead is a revolutionary co-pilot for legal contract drafting, providing expert insights from AI, deep legal knowledge, and market data.

GainGuard‘s revolutionary solution for sports injury prevention and rehabilitation helps millions of athletes to maximize their abilities in the safest, smoothest way possible.

MNDL BIO‘s genomic optimization tool slashes R&D timelines, significantly cutting costs for companies performing genetic engineering across the Biotechnology and AgriFood sectors.

Molex Solutions revolutionizes rodent control with an innovative autonomous system, allowing the protection of crops and animal welfare.

NeuroHelp is pioneering tele-neurology with AI-driven diagnosis, setting new standards in personalized remote neurological assessment.

Nucleo Technologies develops a drug delivery platform to shuttle therapeutics to the brain across the Blood-Brain Barrier, to help treat CNS disorders.

OrthoTreat offers a novel, game-changing approach to bone regeneration that is shaking up the world of orthopedics medicine.

PlusMusic is emerging as the next Spotify with a twist, harnessing AI to provide an interactive music experience for the gaming generation.

Pre-Cure‘s multifunctional “tumor-on-a-chip” technology enables individually personalized accurate therapy, promising a brighter future for millions of patients each year.

replantin’ develops a fully autonomous data-driven Fresh Produce Vending Machine, providing safe, healthy, and fresh produce 365 days a year.

Shela is pioneering early identification of pregnancy complications through advanced AI and biomarkers, offering actionable insights for precision intervention in the first trimester and revolutionizing women’s healthcare.

Sunshine-Robotics has developed a revolutionary robot for cleaning solar panels; lowering costs, optimizing cleaning efficiency, and maximizing customers’ revenue.

SurgiAI‘s innovative platform TissueTrack employs real-time tissue detection and tracking, providing surgeons with a precise and accurate navigation system that can be used during surgery.

Tree-Tube aims to industrialize tree plantation in urban areas by providing all essential tree needs underground without damaging adjacent city infrastructure.

Women on Stage provides a community-based learning platform for professional women in tech to take the stage, share knowledge, and inspire others to grow.

MassChallenge Israel Partners

The Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, The Jerusalem Development Authority, Goodwin Procter LLP, Arnon, Tadmor-Levy, Payoneer, Deloitte Catalyst, M&B IP, Finn Partners.

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