MassChallenge Israel Announces 52 Startups for the 2019 Cohort

JERUSALEMMassChallenge Israel, part of MassChallenge’s global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, today announced the 52 startups, selected from nearly 500 candidates in Israel and more than 40 countries around the world, that will participate in the 2019 MassChallenge Israel cohort.

“MassChallenge Israel accelerated startups are creating meaningful solutions for real challenges across industries,” said Yonit Golub Serkin, Managing Director of MassChallenge Israel. “We recognize that globally impactful ideas know no borders, gender or nationality, and we are proud to attract and accelerate groundbreaking ideas from a diversity of founders.” 

In its most geographically diverse applicant pool to date, the 2019 MassChallenge Israel program includes startups from countries including Colombia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and India, in addition to Israel. 38% of the startups in the 2019 cohort are led by female co-founders.

The companies participating in the 2019 program cover a range of industries: 

  • 38% High Tech (including Automotive, Cyber and FinTech) 
  • 27% General (including eCommerce, Retail and Travel)  
  • 21% Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • 8% Social Impact
  • 6% Energy and CleanTech

The 52 startups were selected by panels made up of leading experts from over twenty Israeli and global organizations, like Accenture, Google, BCG, Kimberly-Clark, Elta IAI, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, and Gett. The entrepreneurs and companies participating in the program will benefit from connections to MassChallenge’s professional partners in Israel and around the world, all for zero-equity taken. Selected companies will access one of the deepest and largest active mentor networks in Israel. Additionally, they will have access to a dynamic work space in the heart of the Machane Yehuda market.

On July 30, 2019, the MassChallenge Israel program will conclude with announcement of up to ten prize winners. Prizes include a curated all expenses paid business trip to Boston and New York City as well up to ₪ 500K in zero-equity cash prizes.

The 155 alumni companies of MassChallenge Israel have raised over $155 million to date, while creating 7,000 jobs globally.

2019 MassChallenge Israel Cohort

WA2COOK (India) is an AI based Parametric Search Engine for Cooking to search recipes from famous chefs & blogs based on ingredients, allergies and nutrition.

str8bat (India) uses MEMS sensors and patented technology to capture bat motion without cameras for instant, visual and actionable insights for sporting events.

Tesseract (India) creates scalable AR products and platforms, including the world’s first true holographic headset that works with any smartphone.

Agrowave (India) helps farmers optimize the agriculture supply chain.

HelpUsGreen (India) creates biodegradable protective packaging solutions & animal-free leather made from temple-waste.

Miraqules MedSolutions (India) has introduced StopBleed™, a powder with fibrin-like structure, with an intention to help you to survive from fatal bleeding injuries.

GRID (India) provides Solar Micro Grid based electricity (domestic and commercial) and clean drinking water for rural areas.

CLIMBER (Israel) solves the problem for people with difficulty climbing stairs in their home.

Leaperr (Israel) is a computerized, autonomous, artificial intelligence interior designer able to design interior spaces itself as if it was a human interior designer.

ATLASense (Israel) is developing RAPHAEL, a round-the-clock all-in-one wearable solution that provides real-time, accurate diagnostic information for remote patient management.

AKEYLESS (Israel) enables enterprise Cloud Transformation by providing a Zero Trust Cloud Security Service for Secrets & Encryption Keys Management.

NeuroApplied (Israel) has developed a unique platform for eliciting the subconscious perception of brands by their consumers.

WhosYourGuest (Colombia) Where the ho(s)tels rate their guests. Like Tripadvisor but in reverse.

Drizzlex (Israel) is an IOT water tracking platform that gauges residential water footprint and enables multifamily building managers to effectively manage water usage and leaks in real time.

uLabs (Israel) Ulabs’ ultrasonic technology enables non-invasive, accurate, and real-time measurements of biological fluids.

Magic Numbers Math (Israel) is a screenless voice-controlled intelligent tutoring system that helps K-4 students to master fundamental math skills.

TuneFork (Israel) is an audio personalization technology software that delivers an optimal hearing experience, improving the quality of life for people with hearing loss and the elderly.

Academix (Israel) uses advanced AI-based technology that helps MedTech companies identify the best matching researchers in academia worldwide to address their R&D needs.

SeiaQ (Israel) is an Arabic online educational platform that offers native-Arabic speakers around the world comprehensive educational E-learning solutions.

Hyblate (Israel) The Hyblate Catheter is designed to treat heart rhythm problems, increasing success rates over current methods that only reach 70%.

ZygoFix (Israel) has developed an elegant minimally-invasive screw-less solution for spinal fusion, leveraging our natural spine’s anatomy.

GammaSeed (Israel) is developing the next generation of seed analysis solutions, based on Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing, to guarantee seed quality, purity and health.

SeeVoov (Israel) is a B2B social interactive video travel platform, facilitating companies with growth of ancillary revenue, by video enhancing travel planning & execution experiences.

FanFund (Israel) is a social platform for on-demand live shows, aiming to change the consumption of cultural events.

A1c Foods (Israel) produces low carb foods without artificial sweeteners, enabling more people access to low glycemic foods.

OtailO (Israel) facilitates smart-matching of online retailers with offline retailers enabling them to validate and resell returned goods.

Rezilient (Israel) is a human-to-human behavior modification platform to prevent family caregiver burnout and chronic stress.

Money Compass (Israel) is an AI Fintech startup that helps US college graduates repay their student loans by automatically finding the optimal financial plan for them.

StreetWize (Israel) saves young lives by reinventing road safety training. (Israel) enables workers from disadvantaged backgrounds to jump start their careers with digital marketing training, career workshops and internships.

Maverick Medical AI (Israel) implements proprietary big data and machine learning technologies to provide valuable data for more effective diagnosis and reimbursement.

Muralise (Israel) is developing a plan projector for the construction industry that enables immediate layout and inspection, reducing costly project delays and defects.

Leadgence (Israel) uses big data and AI to identify customers in the buying window to dramatically improve B2B sales performance.

Airwits (Israel) is a decision support software for airline operations to minimize air travel delays using data, artificial intelligence and algorithms.

Lingopie (Israel)  s a language learning platform that uses real TV shows & movies to teach languages.

Librimind (Israel) is an AI-driven software solution which helps mining companies to reduce unplanned equipment downtime and meet production targets. 

Gala (Israel) is a Corporate Social Responsibility platform that engages employees in corporate giving,  instilling the collective values of the company into its giving portfolio.

Nexcv (Israel) is a fully automated recruitment marketing solution for HR, utilizing NLP and Machine Learning technology to create & manage paid recruitment campaigns.

HiGrade (Israel) empowers patients with AI-driven mobile cannabis testing.

Butterfly Medical (Israel) is developing a non-surgical implant to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH).

ReSymmetry (Israel) creates a smart robotic wheelchair that integrates movement & changing positions to drastically reduce the risk of severe secondary medical conditions and discomfort resulting from prolonged motionless sitting.

Beewise offers an autonomous beehive powered by AI, Computer Vision and advanced robotics, automating all beekeeping activities to sustain healthy bees and optimize honey production.

P.See is a feminist news organization that amplifies diverse voices impacting public discourse.

QUO VADIS enables cities to create 3D and VR interactive digital maps of city attractions.

DAGsHub is the home for data science collaboration.

PayEm is a smart employee expense management tool that utilizes a dynamic credit card platform for approval, tracking and controling expenses.

Jacob’s Well (Israel) possesses water purification technology that can disinfect any kind of water in a healthy,  sustainable, cheap and energy efficient method using UV light.

Cloudline (South Africa) reaches 1 billion people that lack access to paved roads and runways with autonomous airships that carry essential goods.

Acatena (Switzerland) is a global Blockchain – IoT platform that enables Premium brands to achieve full visibility into their supply chains and protection against counterfeiting.

Caura (United Kingdom) is a next-generation tracker that provide instant, real-time glucose and lactate measurements.


MassChallenge Israel Partners

The Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, The Jerusalem Development Authority, The Kraft Group, Poalim Hi-Tech, Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Elta IAI, Accenture, Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, Ingram Micro, Yigal Arnon & Co, Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co., Altshuler Shaham Benefits, ARC Impact, The Boston Consulting Group, The Deshpande Foundation, NASSCOM, Brandeis University, BioHouse, ALYNnovation, Edtech Israel, Manhi, EcoMotion, Mindspace, New Spirit, Vayomar, Start-Up Nation Central, AWS

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