MassChallenge Israel Announces 42 Startups for 2020 Accelerator

To support the wellbeing of its community, program used virtual pitches for the first time to choose startups 

JERUSALEMMassChallenge Israel, part of MassChallenge’s global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, today announced the 42 startups that will participate in the 2020 MassChallenge Israel cohort. Due to public health concerns related to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID 19), the 2020 cohort will begin virtually, which will give companies from all over the world the opportunity to connect with local experts, participate in curriculum sessions, and to connect directly with over 300 global mentors via remote platforms. To help its startups meet the needs of the current situation, MassChallenge Israel has also developed exclusive engagements and content sessions for the cohort participants. 

“The total effects of COVID-19 on the local and global economy are still yet to be seen, however, we know that now is the time to develop and grow companies that will ultimately become the job creators of the future,” said Yonit Serkin, Managing Director of MassChallenge Israel. “We are moving forward with the 2020 MassChallenge Israel accelerator and making the adjustments needed, with remote content, reimagined events, and conferences. Now, more than ever before, we need to connect our local and global economies with the innovators that will continue to drive us forward.”

“Jerusalem, with a history that spans thousands of years, is a city that is constantly evolving and well-positioned to overcome this latest financial challenge,” said Mayor Moshe Lion. “We are confident the future of Jerusalem remains bright and will continue to be the place where opportunity and economy meet. And that is why we are excited the 2020 MassChallenge program will continue to support startups here and around the world.”

“MassChallenge has been a significant resource for supporting startup growth, in Israel and globally – from Cameroon in Africa to European countries and India,” said Mordechai Benita, Director of The Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage. “I am pleased that Jerusalem has become a global hub for technological development and entrepreneurship. Jerusalem, like Israel and the entire world, is facing challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic – in the battle to against the virus, it is important that Jerusalem emerges stronger than ever. 

The companies participating in the 2020 program come from 7 countries and cover a range of industries: 

  • High Tech 37%
  • General 28%
  • Healthcare 21%
  • Social Impact 9%
  • Energy/CleanTech 5%

New in 2020, the MassChallenge Israel accelerator will include industry tracks focused on EdTech, Future of Work, and Sensors technologies. The MassChallenge Israel program will conclude with the announcement of up to ten prize winners. Prizes include a curated all expenses paid business trip to Boston and New York City as well up to ₪ 500K in zero-equity cash prizes.

The 207 alumni companies of MassChallenge Israel have raised over $300 million to date, while creating 10,000 jobs globally.


High Tech

Brillianetor Ltd. (Israel) – Brillianetor has created a social AI software platform that gives robots and machines the human skills to collaborate and compete autonomously.

CaStory (Israel) – CaStory helps construction contractors build better, by eliminating construction errors.

checkme (Israel) – checkme provides companies with the HR development tools to improve performance, increasing profitability and equality in organizations.

Cloudonix (Israel) – Cloudonix helps businesses supercharge sales and customer care, by adding voice to web and mobile applications – in as little as 10 minutes. (Israel) – is artificial intelligent monitoring solutions for beaches that detects dangerous scenarios and alert the relevant rescue teams.

Inxelo Technologies (Croatia) – Inxelo Technologies Ltd. helps air operators to effectively manage their safety and quality data and operations.

Levitection (Israel) – Levitection is developing a breakthrough security platform with automatic screening capabilities for open public spaces.

Musician Pro (Israel) – Musician Pro is developing a music theory learning platform to help musicians learn music theory more efficiently with practical practice.

Plethora (Israel) – Plethora is a game-based pedagogical environment that develops computational thinking and problem solving skills.

RobotAI (Israel) – RobotAI estimates 3D position and orientation from a single 2D image.

Supportomate (Israel) – Supportomate replaces the enterprise call-center agent with an autonomous representative.

Third Space Automation Oy (Finland) – Third Space Automation develops sensor fusion based dynamic perception and decision making systems for unmanned systems.

Treebute (Israel) – Treebute is an AI powered collaboration and business-Intelligence platform designed for enterprises and the world’s leading scientific & technology experts/institutions.  

Virtual Internship Partners Ltd (UK)  – Virtual Internship Partners provides transformative, 21st century remote-work experiences for students with companies all over the world. (India) – is a platform to make CCTV cameras smart, helping retailers with offline analytics for all their stores in a centralized dashboard.


AD Knight (Israel) – A.D Knight solves the problem of understanding and predicting where people are for pedestrians’ safety & intelligent traffic control. (Israel) – is a platform for the creating dynamic data-driven videos for more effective communication.

Brevel (Israel) – Brevel is solving global food security by unleashing the true potential of microalgae using groundbreaking sustainable cultivation technology.

CampInn Limited (UK) – CampInn is an Online Travel Agent for the untapped outdoor and camping industries. 

CleverFarm – CleverFarm offers the most modern and innovative solutions for every farmer, with everything for modern and precision agriculture in one place.

Daika (Israel) – Daika has developed a digital fabrication process and materials that uses recycled wood and mass-manufacturing technologies such as injection molding, extrusion and 3D printing to manufacture non-plastic wood products.

DriftSense Ltd. (Israel) – DriftSense monitors and identifies pesticides drift, and models its dispersion, enabling growers to comply with relevant regulations, reduce costs, and maximize yield.

Eezyimport (Israel) – eezyimport developed and launched an innovative  DIY online platform that allowed importers to take control of the customs clearance process in the most intuitive and easy way. 

Elefend (Israel) – Elefend leverages AI to prevent phone scams in real-time.

Growing Colors Technology (Israel) – Growing Colors Technology is developing a processes with naturally black pigmented peanut shell to produce dissolving pulp for the fiber industry.

Phytolon (Israel) – Phytolon offers natural food colors at a high quality for low costs via novel fermentation-based technology.

Poiike Foodtec Limited (Israel) – Poiike helps you cook multiple recipe meals in your own kitchen through personalised workflows. It is a virtual chef giving you step by step instructions.


Bloomsbury AI Ltd. (Israel) – Bloomsbury AI uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to identify new indications for existing drugs, reduce the time, cost and risk in drug discovery.

Enzymit (Israel) – Enzymit combines a state-of-the-art computational design platform augmented with deep-learning, bringing next gen chemistry to modern industry.

Gina-Life Diagnostics (Israel) – Gina-Life Diagnostics is a novel, life-saving smart diagnostic platform for ovarian cancer.

Met Syn Lysine Ltd. (Israel) – Met Syn Lysine is helping overweight and  obese individuals to control chronic elevation of insulin levels to help lower weight, blood sugar (Type 2 Diabetes), blood lipids & blood pressure.

Mibiomics (Israel) – MIBIOMICS mission is to develop innovative, safe and effective microbiome-based solutions to treat currently incurable skin diseases.  

PainPal (Israel) – PainPal is an on-demand and personalized telebehavioral health platform for people with chronic pain, aiming to transform how chronic pain is treated. 

Predicta Med (Israel) – Predicta Med offers an AI-based decision support platform for early detection and treatment selection of undiganosed autoimmune diseases.

TalkON (Israel) – TalkON is an innovative technological SaaS system that brings the next generation of the speech therapy by creating therapy sequence and accelerating speech therapy outcomes.

TZOFEN biological therapeutics (Israel) – TZOFEN biological therapeutics is developing a novel biological platform for the treatment of various types of cancers.

Social Impact

Algobrix (Israel) – Algobrix is the ultimate screen-free solution for teaching coding & robotics through play, with smart (Lego compatible) coding blocks.


Eton.News (Israel) – Eton.News is a storytelling platform based on the  journalism process, tailored to schools.

ParagonH2 (Israel) – ParagonH2 addresses the growing water crisis with a device that is driven by hydrogen that can supply electricity and clean water simultaneously.

SoliDrip (Israel) – SoliDrip has developed a disruptive, 100% autonomous irrigation device that always provides the optimal amount of water to each plant.

WeavAir (Canada) – WeavAir offers advanced sensors & predictive analytics solutions to save energy & reduce costs of high value air distribution systems.

WipeFlush (Israel) – WipeFlush is developing a multi-application wipe that feels, looks AND COSTS like a regular wipe, but disperses like toilette tissue.

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