MassChallenge México Presents the Startups Finalists of Its 2021 Acceleration Program

– This year more than 629 startups from around the world applied to the MassChallenge Mexico Acceleration Program. 39 finalists were selected to receive the exclusive benefits of the annual program.
– With the intention of keeping the community safe, the program will again be virtual due to the sanitary measures suggested by the COVID-19 pandemic at a global level.

Mexico City, July 2nd, 2021 – After launching an international recruitment call on March 11th, MassChallenge Mexico, part of the global network of accelerators that take zero equity, has announced the 39 finalists of its 2021 startup Acceleration Program, which were exhaustively selected by more than 400 expert judges.

Of the 39 selected, the program includes 20 startups from Mexico:

  • 3 from Colombia
  • 3 from Chile
  • 3 from the United States
  • 2 from Argentina

In addition to startups from Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Greece, Guatemala, Peru, Singapore, and Uruguay. Regarding the industries to which they belong, the cohort includes:

  • 44% from the High-tech sector 
  • 30% are general industries
  • 3% are Energy and Clean Tech
  • 8% Social Impact and finally
  • 15% Healthcare and Life Sciences

As in 2020, this year was an exceptional cycle, since the startup recruitment process was completely virtual. MassChallenge’s priority for the safety and well-being of entrepreneurs as well their team will always come first.

“Without a doubt, COVID-19 totally changed the dynamics of our organization, we have had to adapt the program, as well as our way of work, so that the program functions in a 100% virtual way, both for the MCMX team, and to solve and comply with the needs of each of the participating startup, however this allowed us to have entrepreneurs from different parts of the world, which helped nurture diverse visions and ideas to our program, as well as to extend our mission and vision to places that otherwise would not be so easy to reach,” said Camila Lecaros, Managing Director of the organization.

“If we have learned something in MassChallenge since its foundation, it is that startups are the agents of change and the engines of the economy that we need. Their resilience, their ability to adapt, their fast pace, and all the innovation, are the lessons we must learn in order to weather the trials our planet faces right now. Today more than ever we are convinced that entrepreneurs are committed to changing the world,” said the Managing Director.

With the intention of keeping the community safe in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MassChallenge Mexico will once again carry out this year’s acceleration program virtually, with the aim of keeping entrepreneurs, as well as the supporting team, safe. Eventually, it is expected that events, mentoring and talks can be held in person at the offices located in Mexico City.

Meet the 39 startups finalists of the Acceleration Program 2021:

Energy + Clean Tech

Preemar Soluciones Agrícolas (Water Treatment & Technology) (México): A a real-time monitoring system of water parameters. It performs measurements of PH, temperature and oxygen, among others.


Acari (Food, Beverages & Restaurants) (Estados Unidos)
Hiring the affected fishermen and flipping the script on the devil fish.  They currently provide fillet to restaurants and corporate kitchens in Mexico, and will soon launch our jerky, “El Diablito”, which tastes and feels like beef, but without the environmental impact.

Costa Rica Insect Company (Food Beverages & Restaurants) (Costa Rica)
Has the purpose of creating sustainable solutions based on insects, as well as providing nutritional solutions for malnutrition.

DTA – Agrícola (Agriculture) (México)
A modular solution that automates traditional agricultural equipment, optimizes parcel management, increases productivity and reduces risks associated with chemical and physical factors, based on the use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining.

Fanear (Entretainment & Media) (Chile)
Helps  the live entertainment industry stakeholders to measure and validate their results, by providing a standard for triple impact KPI’s (economic, environmental and social-cultural) for events.

GreenBTS (Agriculture) (México)
“T2B” combines two unique technologies never applied before in the agro-industry that saves money and effort for the farmer while increasing the quality and quantity of the crops. – Supermercado sin plástico (Food, Beverages & Restaurants) (México)
It is the first local and plastic-free supermarket with home delivery in America, its goal is to minimize waste and live without garbage.

M AEROSPACE RTC S. DE R.L DE C.V. (Aerospace) (México)
We have developed a unique 3D Printing Metal System which involves the use of a 5 Axis Robot arm to be able to print any shape without supports on a manufacturing area.

OptiProt (Food, Beverages & Restaurants) (México)
Produces and process edible insects as food and feed. Produces proteins, nutrients, oil, organic fertilizer, and cero waste, in vertical farms, with almost no water and no GH.

Pro Indie Music (Entretainment & Media) (México)
Gamify artists development and tailor opportunities and services to help indie artists to thrive and grow in the music industry.

Shuttle Central (Travel & Tourism) (México)
They offer trips to the airport in different destinations. They have scaled to cover 85 airports in LATAM. They develop a technological tool to alleviate their operational problems and provide automation to both travelers and end suppliers.

Taskility (Transportation & Logistics) (México)
With Taskility they can digitalize their logistics with no code required, no matter the level of maturity of the organization.

TripYeah! (Travel & Tourism) (Chile)
A travel technology company that automates and helps travel agents reduce their cost, improve their conversion rate and meet the customers expectations.

Healthcare + Life Sciences

GiveMove (Medical Devices) (Argentina)
Creators of BipMov, the first electric stander for children that promotes the autonomy and independence while the user is being rehabilitated. (Health & Wellness) (México)
Combines a holistic wellbeing approach with artificial intelligence and gamification to create an engaging experience for the user.

LABINNOVA (Diagnostics) (México)
Co-devoelopers of an “Electronic Nose” that is configurated to Smell Breast Cancer with 98% sensibility.

Laboratorio de Investigación Alternativa (Therapeutics Pharma / Biotech) (México)
In Mexico and central America they are the only laboratory that offer toxicological evaluations without the use of animals. Their main goal is to position Mexico in the scientific vanguard in the toxicological area of cosmetics.

MoviWear (Healthcare IT) (Canadá)
Is the pioneer of the 5G NurtureWatch & MoviWearMedical vital-sign remote monitoring platform. Their cloud-based virtual platform monitors one’s vital signs, promptly alerting to changes in overall health.

Thermy (Medical Devices) (México)
Their mission is to reduce breast cancer’s death rate due to late detection in Mexican women and worldwide. Women prefer Thermy because is painless, noninvasive, fast, comfortable and non-radiant. It means 100% safe.

High Tech

Alfi (Financial Technology) (México)
A technological platform and app for financial education and inclusion that connects all people with the financial system in a free, fun, accessible and gamified way.

CompaSStage (Education Technology) (México)
Their mission is to make art accessible to everyone. They believe in the power of art and creativity and want to bring it closer to Latin America.

Dakko Inc. (Financial Technology) (Singapur)
Empowers emerging market employers to engage with their employees through a comprehensive platform that provides information and access to a variety of Health, Wellness and Financial products & services.

DATAR (Financial Technology) (México)
Focused on Data Aquisition for the Insurance and Financial sector. As of today, DATAR has proven the concept of fraud reduction in the automotive insurance branch by inspecting the insured vehicles right after the insurance policy is issued.

DISCOVERIFY (Enterprise Software) (España)
A Product Discovery SaaS made for retailers & ecommerce. The retailers are able to show their full catalog on a innovative way.

goBox (Online Commerce & Markertplace) (Guatemala)
Online shopping platform that in alliance with Amazon, Ebay and Best Buy, users can know the final price of a product right to their doorstep.

Hackmetrix (Cybersecurity) (México)
Its experts accompany and guide companies in their implementation and compliance with their automated security platform. In this way, they enable them the ability to close deals and contracts that facilitate the growth and expansion they seek.

Keyboo (Online Commerce & Marketplace) (México)
Keyboo is a market network for the corporate events industry. We’ve reduced the selection process to only 5 days.

Nibi (Online Commerce & Marketplace) (Bogotá)
Creators of an online platform that connects people, charities and companies, towards social and environmental action.

Ocular (Enterprise Software) (Chile)
Their video-attention platform allows agents to receive calls, see in real time where the people they attend are navigating, see the person’s screen, blur their background, see the record of each of the calls and connect to sources of company information.

Owiwi (Enterprise Software) (Grecia)
SaaS company developing a fun and engaging psychometric tool that accurately measures candidate soft skills.

Puntopartes (Online Commerce & Marketplace) (Colombia)
The first online marketplace for construction, mining, logistics, power generation equipemnt that sells spare parts online.

Silabuz (Education Technology) (Perú)
The first Social-Learning Platform designed to develop the digital talent of Spanish-speaking children worldwide. Children interact by creating and sharing videos, tutorials, interest groups, projects, etc.

SlightPay (Online Commerce & Marketplace) (Argentina)
Promotes financial inclusion by offering a one-time-credit to debit and credit cards at POS. 
Within the immediate integration platform, SlightPay boosts online store’s growth by increasing their average sales ticket.

Stereotheque (Online Commerce & Marketplace) (Estados Unidos)
Is the marketplace and collaboration tool where anyone can find and hire on-demand creative teams at a fraction of the cost and time.

Talentu (Enterprise Software) (Colombia)
Transforms how companies find and retain talent, automating 80% of the process and integrating a SAAS with a marketplace and networks features,  creating a one-stop-shop solution.

Vaico (Internet of Things) (Colombia)
Develops technological solutions to complex computer vision and data analytics problems. We use deep learning, IoT and cloud computing.

Social Impact

Aprendizaje Diferente (Education) (Uruguay)
A platform that encourages the digital inclusion of people with Autism and other neurological disorders. 

Mully Lingua (Education) (Estados Unidos)
Mully Lingua is a digital learning platform and marketplace where families and individuals can connect with their heritage, participate in language enrichment and gain cultural awareness in large, small, or 1:1.

Mutuus (Public Health) (México)
Mutuus is the first digital healthcare membership in Mexico that gives you access to many of the best private hospitals in the country. They protect your health and wealth.

About MassChallenge

MassChallenge is a global entrepreneurship community with the friendliest startup accelerator in the world. We help entrepreneurs to solve the most important challenges in the world, we do not take equity from participating companies and we do everything humanly possible to help entrepreneurs.

About MassChallenge Mexico

Since 2016, MassChallenge Mexico has accelerated more than 140 high-impact startups. This would not have been possible without a solid network of professionals who trust in the potential of those who make up the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our country. Last year alone we had 641 applications and 37 startups selected for the acceleration process. To this effort was added the support of our experts and partners from different industries. Last year the investment by funds was 100K USD at the end of the program.

MassChallenge México Partners

Baker McKenzie, BID LAB, CEMEX, Greenberg Traurig, McKinsey & Company,  Nestlé, Simon Kucher, The Crafters, Universal Musci Group – Digital Innovation.