MassChallenge Mexico and Ruta N Medellin Announce the Three Startup Winners from Their 2022 Acceleration Program

City of Medellin, Colombia – MassChallenge, the global network for innovators, and Ruta N have announced the winning startups from their 2022 acceleration program. After launching applications back in September, MassChallenge Mexico and Ruta N Medellín, selected the 10 participating Startups in the program focused on Science, Technology and Innovation companies, this is the first time that these two organizations have joined efforts in favor of Latin American entrepreneurship.

The acceleration program provided support and tools necessary to obtain accelerated growth in its 4-month duration, culminating this past April 18th, 2022, the two companies aimed to empower the companies and increase their chances of success, following work bases :

  • Customized structured program
  • Diagnosis of needs
  • Biweekly review of your progress
  • Curriculum adjusted to the stage of your startup

Camila Lecaros, Managing Director of MassChallenge Mexico shared: “Since 2016 we have helped more than 200 startups from Mexico and LATAM, creating an impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and in the world, and we promise to continue supporting and expanding the ecosystem across LATAM, we want to invite you to believe in the potential of the Startups, because we truly believe they are making a change in the world”.

Meet the winners of the 2022 MassChallenge and RutaN Acceleration Program are the following startups: 

First Grand Prize: $40K 

EatCloud (Social Impact – Foodtech)

A digital platform that helps the food industry to manage the surpluses and to give a second chance to the food that cannot be sold: at a very low cost, without reputational risk and generating an economic, social and environmental impact, feeding vulnerable populations and helping the environment.

Second Prize: $20K (each)

Ressolve (High Tech – Enterprise Software)

Analyze large volumes of calls in Latin American Spanish in a scalable, timely and objective manner.

RunFalcon (High Tech – Enterprise Software)

Cloud based, codeless and on demand automated performance and tuning testing platform that allows development teams to check the response time, througput, resource usage, and scalability of software under an certain workload by leveraging automation.

About Ruta N

Ruta N is the innovation and business center of Medellin, a corporation created by the Mayor’s Office of Medellin, UNE and EPM to promote the development of innovative technology-based businesses that increase the competitiveness of the city and the region.

About MassChallenge Mexico

We are the global network for innovators working to solve massive challenges, connecting Startups, experts, corporations and communities to grow and transform businesses and economies. Since 2016, we have accelerated more than 140 Startups, and created acceleration processes without taking any type of equity. To these efforts we add the support of experts and partners. Among our greatest pride is having among our alumni the first Crypto-Unicorn in Latin America, Bitso, who was part of our Acceleration Program in 2016.

MassChallenge Mexico Partners

Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, Baker McKenzie, Dentons Cardenas & Carndenas, GreenbergTraurig, McKinsey & Company, Nestlé, Oracle Netsuite, RutaN, Sigma, Simon Kucher, Universal Music Group