MassChallenge Switzerland Announces Its 2024 Early-Stage Accelerator Cohort 

Meet our 103 Finalists 2024

May 24, 2024 (Renens, Switzerland) – MassChallenge Switzerland, part of MassChallenge’s global network of innovators, today announces the 98 early-stage startups invited to join the 2024 acceleration program. 

The selected startups represent the top 8% of applications we received from around the world. They were judged by over 300 independent experts from the MassChallenge Switzerland Community, who gave feedback to each of the startups to help them improve their propositions. 

The selected early-stage startups come from 37 countries spanning 5 continents and have all committed to sustainability. 

Startups from many different industries compose the 2024 cohort, which will now attend a 4-month acceleration program split into 4 Tracks. 

Since 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has been a leader in helping startups across Europe grow their businesses, with 720 alumni raising $1.4Bn in funding. We take no equity or fees, and will connect the cohort to our corporate partners, broad group of expert mentors and network of investors. 

For our 2024 program, we are staying true to our mission of bringing startups together with the people and resources they need to launch and grow, so we have designed in person events at the beginning, middle and end of the program, interspaced with online curriculum workshops and lectures.   

Matt Lashmar, Managing Director of MassChallenge Switzerland says: 
“Congratulations to all the startups in the cohort. This year was our most competitive ever.  Now the fun starts and we can’t wait to start helping these startups connect with our partners and mentors so that they can get feedback on how to improve their business propositions. We hope they go on to grow and add value to our community and society”.   

During the 4 months of acceleration, the selected 98 startups will engage with industry experts, corporates, and investors, while receiving world-class mentoring, tailored programming, free co-working space, and numerous key networking opportunities. The accelerator program will culminate on October 31st at the MassChallenge Switzerland Awards Ceremony, when the best startups will be rewarded with up to CHF 1M in zero-equity prize money, as well as several other in-kind prizes.  

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MassChallenge Switzerland Startups 2024: 

  1. Adastra Sustainability (Switzerland): AdAstra develops data solutions that change our understanding of how agriculture impacts the environment. 
  2. Aerospec (Switzerland): Saving millions of lives by transforming aerosol pollution intelligence for businesses and governments to create a cleaner & healthier world.
  3. AgriMercarb (Ghana): We transform organic waste into feed, fertilizer and energy. 
  4. AI-GENIX (India): AI-GENIX invent, design, and developing unique indigenous, patented technologies for crop protection and sustainable farming. 
  5. aiko (Germany): Aiko offers insect-protein pet food, using circular food-waste methods for optimal dog health, with a science-first approach (IP granted). 
  6. aikemy (Switzerland): Aikemy in Zurich, combines AI and chemistry to address global challenges: reduce environmental impact in animal farming while saving costs.
  7. AlgaeforFood (Netherlands): AlgaeforFood replaces additives (E-numbers) in food with healthy, sustainable functional ingredients out of microalgae. 
  8. Allies (France): Allies is a mission-driven startup developing ENGAGE – ENjoyable Grant Application GEnerator – a SaaS solution designed for high-tech SMEs.  
  9. Alpha Powders (Poland): The 4th dimension of additive manufacturing! 
  10. ANT Maschinen (Germany): Unmanned fully electric robot for yard operations. Ultimate maneuverability, versatility, and operational efficiency. 
  11. Aseptuva (Switzerland): We develop an in-situ disinfection technology based on UVC light that prevents hospital infections and saves thousands of patient lives. 
  12. Azure Cell Therapies (Switzerland): Unlocking the next-generation of safe and scalable cell therapies that can sustainably modify the course of Parkinson’s disease 
  13. Baobaby (Togo): We use local crops to provide safe, affordable, and nutritious alt-protein formulas to fight babies’ malnutrition. 
  14. Biomakan (Indonesia): We transform farm waste to high value farm products such as feed additive through specialized bacterial culture fermentation process. 
  15. Bioreset (Brazil): We are changing the way big companies relate to nature with a new organic material to replace plastic in their packaging. 
  16. Bio Tango (Argentina): At Biotango, we predict crop behavior in climate change and we are transforming agriculture with Genomic & AI. 
  17. Blomso (United States): Blomso sets a new standard in precision agriculture through our cutting-edge sensor tech, offering real-time, comprehensive soil analysis. 
  18. Born Maverick (United Kingdom): Biotech platform that unleashes natural fermentation techniques which transform the surplus from large industries to high value products. 
  19. Brownee (Australia): We use digital & ecosystem innovation to boost SMEs’ sustainability, growth, & resilience, catalysing industry & economic transformation. 
  20. Caligenia (Argentina): We accelerate soil restoration and atmospheric CO2eq reduction for a sustainable future of planet Earth with Biochar and microorganisms. 
  21. CBE Eco-Solutions (Singapore): Recycling Industrial Carbon Waste into High-value Products. 
  22. Cellva ingredients (Brazil) : Cellva Ingredients is a biotechnology startup that harnesses the rich biodiversity of the Brazilian biome to craft novel ingredients 
  23. Cellx Biosolutions (Switzerland): We create innovative bacteria-based products for efficient, targeted treatment of industrial chemical pollution. 
  24. CNS Therapy (Switzerland): A University spin-off that makes fibromyalgia, chronic pain, CFS, and other patients with autonomic dysfunction pain-free without meds.
  25. Cresponix (Sweden): Cresponix is a new farming technology that enables sustainable & affordable farming of fish and shrimp. 
  26. DOODA (Lebanon): DOODA Solutions is a woman-led earthworm farm revolutionizing agriculture using advanced vermicompost technology. 
  27. Dunya Analytics (United States): Science-based risk analytics for biodiversity and nature. 
  28. EcoAct Tanzania (Tanzania): We developed a chemical free technology to convert plastic waste into plastic timbers used for building and construction. 
  29. EcoBean (Poland): We turn coffee waste into sustainable chemicals. 
  30. Econutri (Austria): We recycle CO2 for sustainable protein production, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a healthier planet. 
  31. Ecovon (Ghana): Biodegradable building and packaging materials made from coconut waste that is safe for people and planet. 
  32. Embryoxite (Argentina): Improving embryo selection by 75% for IVF treatment through the convergence of patient data, time-lapse, genetics and metabolomics diagnosis. 
  33. Fattastic Technologies (Singapore): We’re a tech platform revolutionizing fats in food. Our goal: healthier, tastier, sustainable fat solutions for diverse food applications. 
  34. Fili Pari (Italy): We shine a light on innovative materials with the firsts marble-based textile technologies in the world. 
  35. Firefly Fusion (Switzelrand): Firefly Fusion is a European venture with the revolutionary mission of bringing nuclear fusion energy to electrical grids. 
  36. Fixa (Rwanda): HR-enbaled fintech supporting gig work. We empower businesses to source, manage, pay, and empower temporary workers with financial services. 
  37. Floating Robotics (Switzerland): We build robots that harvest and de-leaf plants in high-tech greenhouses. 
  38. Fotortec (United States): Fotortec upcycles any type of vegetable waste on-site into mushroom-based sustainable protein ingredients.
  39. Gaia Project Australia (Australia): LEAFY 2.0: Democratising the Agtech leafy green sector, with our NASA-recognized, blue ocean IP. A high-tech result at a low-tech price. 
  40. GOVA (Finland): GOVA is developing the world’s first healthy sugar. 
  41. Green Mining (Brazil): Green Mining increases recycling rate sorting waste that was not being sorted through technology providing an Intelligent Reverse Logistics. 
  42. Hatchless (United States): We produce 100% animal protein with 0% animal cruelty, at a level of scalability that beat’s today’s meat prices. 
  43. HeroSupport (Switzerland): HeroSupport’s device: a breakthrough for 1.1M women/Y battling breast cancer, optimizing radiotherapy, minimizing risks, improving outcomes! 
  44. Hulk Bio (United Kingdom): Hulk provides cell-based human milk, when breastfeeding isn’t possible.
  45. HydrOral (Switzerland): HydrOral™ drug delivery devices, enabling passive oral cavity hydration for 800mln+ Xerostomia patients, improving health & sleep quality.
  46. ImpacFat (Singapore): All about #GOODFAT – the world’s first cultivated fish fat company offering healthiest omega 3 fat sustainably, without killing any fishes! 
  47. Inkocell Therapeutics (Switzerland): We are creating a healthier tomorrow for patients with cardiac fibrosis through a life-long cure using CAR NK cells. 
  48. Italbiotec (Italy): Italbiotec Srl is an innovation driver. We transform ideas into innovations and market ready products and services.
  49. Jabin (United States): Using food technology to bring beverages made with real fruits/herbs that have been relied on for centuries in the East to the mass consumer. 
  50. Leviathan (Germany): Leviathan is rewriting the ship recycling play book and we started with a clean sheet. We’re moved ship recycling into the 21st century – cleaner, safer, faster! 
  51. Linium Biochemicals (France): Linium valorizes lignin, an abundant wood waste long considered unusable, and provides the first large supply of sustainable aromatic chemicals to the industry. 
  52. Medea Biopharma (Germany): MEDEA develops a new generation of eco-friendly & safe antibacterial solutions, designed to solve the antimicrobial resistance of bacteria.
  53. microTERRA (Mexico): microTERRA cleans agricultural wastewater by growing Lemna, then upcycling it into functional and sustainable ingredients. 
  54. Miido (Chile): In Miido, we develop technology to optimize, control, and measure the entire fertilization process for farmers, simply using voice commands. 
  55. Myriad Optics (Switzerland): Developing new bacterial contamination detection solutions for the food industry, to preserve public health, reduce waste and save on costs. 
  56. Nature’s Principles (Netherlands): We enable the production of Lactic acid from 2nd generation feedstocks instead of refined sugars by applying our proprietary fermentation. 
  57. NatureDots (India): De-risking 15 million fish-farmers and 10 million hectares of water-bodies in next 10 years by creating ‘Digital Twins of water-ecosystems’. 
  58. NOOVI (Slovakia): Globally unique line of marking pheromones for pest control that prevent pest egg-laying on crops, pose no risks to farmers and our planet. 
  59. Noriware (Switzerland): We want to revolutionize the packaging industry by offering a truly sustainable, home-compostable alternative to traditional plastic. In doing so, we want to be the leader in transparency to motivate the industry to be sustainable. 
  60. Nulicious (Germany): Nulicious is revolutionizing the baby food industry by providing fresh, organic, and nutritionally balanced meals. 
  61. NutriCheese (Germany) 
  62. OneCup AI (Canada): OneCup’s AI BETSY – powered by Face ID for animals, is the “Eyes of the Farmer while the Farmer is Away”. 
  63. Organic Fields (Kenya): Organic fields repurposes food waste from municipal markets to manufacture high quality organic fertilizer and animal protein using biotech. 
  64. Pack2Earth (Spain): Biobased materials to substitute contaminating plastic for packaging and other uses. 
  65. Polyose Bio (United States): Building a platform technology for upcycling organic waste into high-value chemicals using a combination of insects and engineered microbes. 
  66. PROTe-IN (Italy): Scaling fermentation for the alt-protein industry towards clean label and net-zero for all. 
  67. Protofib (Switzerland): We transform protein waste into sustainable bioplastic technologies to alleviate climate change. 
  68. Reify Nutrition (France): Developing brand new delicious, nutritious and convenient plant-based snack foods beyond the established markets for meat and dairy analogs. 
  69. REMA (Switzerland): At REMA, our mission is to enable the universal use of green hydrogen by developing the most cost-effective electrolyzer. 
  70. RepelEssence (Switzerland): Decreasing the transmission of mosquito-borne diseases with day-to-day consumer products. 
  71. RephImmune Biotechnology (Taiwan): RephImmune is a preclinical-stage startup committed to advancing solid tumor treatment through our novel engineered cellular immunotherapy. 
  72. Riverkin (Switzerland): High-res sensor networks for dynamic water monitoring, delivering actionable insights for environmental intelligence and global decisions. 
  73. Rosalind Bioculture (Israel): Disrupting the $100B Precision Fermentation industry by increasing yields tenfold through  optimized organisms and AI-driven operational protocols.
  74. rrreefs (Switzerland): We are rebuilding degraded coral reefs using 3D printing technology and are offering reef regeneration as a service to companies. 
  75. Saara (United States): Saara helps e-commerce businesses to become financially and environmentally sustainable. 
  76. SCALE Advanced Biocomposites (France): SCALE creates new bio-based materials to decarbonize advanced composites, increasing performance while reducing both costs and emissions. 
  77. seaqure labs (Sweden): Seaqure labs. is utilizing the power of fungi as the solution for alternative proteins in animal feeds. 
  78. Semion (United States): We make plants emit specific odors to simultaneously repel pests away from crops and attract them to traps for elimination.
  79. SolidWatts (Switzerland): Industrial process heating, fit for the 21st century! Efficient. Limitless. Clean.
  80. Sóliome (United States): Sóliome is creating the first UV filters using amino acids that already protect our eyes and are sustainable, photostable, and safe for all. 
  81. Solumar (Bulgaria): Solumar developed a new Air&Gas filtering solution to directly cut 92-99% of all emissions combined from Industrial, Maritime, and O&G. 
  82. Sonali Bioplastics Corporation (United States): Sonali solves the plastic pollution problem with plant based alternatives which reduce carbon emissions leading to a sustainable planet. 
  83. Soonapse (Italy): Soonapse is an Italian innovative SME focused on AI and IoT. Our main product is Ploovium®, a patented AgTech solution for smart irrigation. 
  84. Spectacular Labs (United States): Spectacular Labs is building portable pathogen-testing devices and reducing the traditional food testing timelines from days to 8 hours. 
  85. Terra Bioindustries (Canada): Terra is a circular company dedicated to upcycling agro-industrial “waste” to materials that markets want, starting with Brewers Spent Grain. 
  86. Tespack (Finland): We specialize in providing micro-grid solutions to bring energy and Internet ACCESS to distant and challenging markets. 
  87. TileGreen (Egypt): Green technologies to make concrete-alternative and carbon-negative building materials from low-value plastic waste. 
  88. Trashcoin (Nigeria): Trashcoin, is a recycle-tech startup that combines sustainability and fin-tech to recover recyclable waste from communities in Africa. 
  89. Treeless Pack (Switzerland): Treeless Pack: Turning waste into nanocellulose for sustainable building & packaging via vertical farming. 
  90. Ucaneo (Germany): At Ucaneo we develop a pioneering Direct Air Capture technology mimicking the human lung to remove carbon dioxide from the air. 
  91. UMAMI (Switzerland): At Umami, we grow a wide range of food with superior taste while limiting resourcs needs, spanning from greens, to fish, fruits and more. 
  92. Updairy (Brazil): We envision a climate positive, humane, and just food system that is healthy, affordable, and 100% cruelty-free to our planet and animals 
  93. UpGrain (Switzerland): We transform brewers spent grain (BSG) into valuable raw materials to reduce resource inefficiency and food waste. 
  94. Veritas Joint Stock Company (Vietnam): NetZero Pallet: Revolutionizing pallets with eco-friendly coconut husks. Sustainable, cost-effective, and paving the way to a greener future. 
  95. WAYNERR®️ (Switzerland): Waynerr® recycles excessive leather products to create sustainable & circular insulation, acoustics, interior décor products for your home. 
  96. WhomLab (Czech Republic): Gamifying job skills assessment using AI, to make them bias-free, and helping HR increase staff satisfaction and retention. 
  97. Xibus Systems (United States): We develop food and environmental tests for bacterial contaminations with faster turnaround time and less technician hands on steps. 
  98. Yeastime (Italy): Yeastime has developed a technology that leverages ultrasounds to help producers in the field of cell culturing reduce fermentation time. 

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