MassChallenge Switzerland Announces 2017 Class

75 startups join global network

Lausanne, 23 May 2017 – MassChallenge, the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet, today announced that 75 of the worlds highest impact, highest-potential early-stage startups will participate in its 2017 accelerator in Lausanne. The 75 startups were selected from 450 applications, and work across a range of industries, including high-tech (43%), healthcare and life-sciences (24%), social impact (8%), clean-tech and energy (5%), and general interest and retail (20%).

“With 65% of Swiss projects, we maintain a large proportion of home-grown projects. However, this also means that 35% come from abroad, which allows us to imagine and draw the contours of the Swiss industry of tomorrow, strong thanks to its cultural diversity,” said Thierry Duvanel, Managing Director of MassChallenge Switzerland. “We are also happy to maintain a strong variety of projects. The crosscutting dynamics of MassChallenge allows us to create bridges between the various industries and to strengthen our impact in the field of global innovation creating value and jobs.”

“Over the past seven years, MassChallenge has graduated more than 1,200 entrepreneurs from our intensive accelerator, enabling them to create enormous impact around the world, said John Harthorne, Founder and CEO of MassChallenge. We are proud to welcome such a high-potential class of startups to MassChallenge, and are excited to help them define their future and maximize their impact.”

The 75 startups will participate in MassChallenge Switzerlands four-month accelerator program, where they receive world-class mentoring from industry experts, tailored programming, free co-working space, and unrivalled access to corporate partners. The accelerator culminates on 26 October 2017 at the MassChallenge Switzerland Awards, where startups will pitch for the opportunity to win a portion of up to CHF 1 million in zero-equity awards.

MassChallenge today also announced the 2017 startup classes for Boston (128 startups) and Israel (52 startups). These startups join MassChallenges established international community of 1,211 alumni.

View the full list of Finalist profiles here.

MassChallenge Switzerland 2017 Finalists


4Quant Ltd. (Zurich) 

Colorimetrix (Germany)

SmartSensors (Geneva) – A novel technology to monitor dwellings and protect people against radon.

Dicronis (Zurich)

GliaPharm (Geneva)

Haya Therapeutics (Waadt)

IbtiCare (Switzerland) 

Ingredio (Greece)

Komed Health (Zurich) – “Slack” for hospital communication.

Lumigbo (Waadt)

Lymphatica (Waadt) Developing a micropump-based medical device for treatment of lymphedema, a chronic, disabling side effect of anti-cancer therapies.

Mixfit Inc. (Massachusetts) 

MobioSense (Taiwan) – HERO prevents future heart attacks with the latest fourth-gen Troponin, providing instant & affordable disease monitoring, anywhere, anytime.

Nextep (Waadt) 

Sleepiz (Bern) 

Sm-Heart (Canada)

High Tech

Alogo Analysis SA (Waadt) Dedicated to analyzing equestrian sports and providing innovative statistics.

Ayata Intelligence (P) Ltd. (India) Making AI products and services that create a positive impact.

Bubo Technologies (Geneva) Books with synchronized music.

ChemAlive SA (Waadt) An online quantum chemistry Open SaaS interface made ultrafast by machine learning, automation, and cloud computing.

eBankingPayment (Geneva) 

Food Blockchain XYZ (Waadt) Assuring quality, safety, and origin of food through sensor systems powered by the blockchain and smart contracts.

Glickon (Italy) – A trivia game for candidates and employees to prove their skills, and a tool for companies to reinvent the they recruit and manage talent.

Greenastic (Waadt) The first environmental-friendly web platform to match plants specifically to customers needs, allowing them to create a pesticide-free garden.

HARDAH (Geneva) Optimizing the personal and professional use of internet by creating the new generation of graphical user interface of the Web.

Hope it up (Geneva) A digital platform that empowers companies and employees to help their local community with meaningful activities.

infinight. (Geneva) A platform enabling everyone to find the best bars, clubs and events depending on their tastes.

Jobgator (Massachusetts) A machine learning driven resume software that tailors resumes to specific jobs applied for increasing chances of receiving an interview

Klahas (Valais) 

LYF Rescue Drone (Waadt)

Mindool (Luxembourg) Developing the Internet of Ideas, we make group communication easy, flexible and scalable.

Moka Studio Sl (Valais) Disruptive software that allows to create quickly and easily top quality 3D animations.

Nextome (Italy) 

Oqtor (Waadt) – Augment human capabilities in graphic design by helping design faster, better and cheaper with the help of AI.

RiskTalk (United Kingdom) 

Socialease (Geneva) An AI Assistant, designed for hotels and restaurants that automates communication on social medias.

Sportskred (United Kingdom) 

Still Active (Appenzell Ausserrhoden) – Still Active is the first online concierge service tailored for people aged 55+, providing the best activities and services in their city.

Tacit Motion Inc. (Massachusetts) 

TasteHit (France) – Data-driven user engagement tools for online shops.

ThinkEE (Waadt) Using IoT and a software solution to simplify connection and management of all a companies devices in a unique place.

TieTalent (Switzerland) Online recruitment marketplace disrupting the staffing industry.

TWIICE (Waadt)

Unono (Valais) 

WeAVR (Zurich) Helping businesses and brands create their presence in VR at low cost with little effort by using standard building blocks

WRIO Keyboard (Basel Landschaft) Enabling people to type smarter, faster, and error-free on their smartphones.

Social Impact

Social Fabric (Zurich) Promoting the use of textiles and clothing that have a small ecological and social footprint, and supporting refugee integration.

NeedsList (Pennsylvania) A new way to help meet refugee needs by investing in grassroots responders and local economies.

LeCycle (Waadt) – Producing top quality mushrooms from used coffee grounds and cardboard, recuperated from local restaurants and businesses.

LEDsafari SA (Geneva) Developing hardware and software to empower youth in developing countries.

Infrastructure Systems Managers / Dechets a l’Or (Guinea) – A tech enabled venture that collects waste in secondary West Africa cities and produces fertilizer, and fuel energy.

Energy/Clean Tech

dokspot GmbH (Zurich) Enabling digital product instructions by linking products with their corresponding digital content.

MEMBRASENZ GmbH (Germany) – R&D, production and commercialization of novel membranes used in electrolysis, as a new energy carrier.

Skypull (Ticino) An autonomous drone that produces electricity from the strong and more abundant altitude winds.

The Energy Audit (Italy) – The Energy Data Scientist, a machine learning platform to analyze energy related data.


Baabuk (Waadt) – Cool, designer footwear made out of wool.

Direct Coffee (Zurich) Offering the first fully flexible direct trade coffee subscription which helps a coffee farmer’s child with each package.

FIB-SOL Life Technologies Private Limited (India) – A nanofiber-based biofertilizer membrane that is 1,000 times lighter than conventional biofertilizers.

GuestLee (Switzerland) – A Swiss property management company.

Imverse (Geneva) – From a single 360 picture to a collaborative room-scale interactive experience, it is democratizing virtual and augmented reality creation.

KITRO (Thurgau) A seamlessly integrated product revolutionizing food waste management.

Komp-ACT (Waadt) A Composite Linear Electric motor which can replace the aircraft hydraulic actuators of landing gears and flight controls. (Geneva) 

MoComics SA (Waadt) An online community platform connecting comics authors to their millennial audience thanks to a unique mobile reading experience.

Nanogence (Switzerland) A patented technology that cuts carbon emission by half, and raises the durability of concrete by 30%.

novamet sl (Waadt) 

Precision Vine (Waadt) – Improving quality and efficiency in the wine industry by using remote sensing services to create valuable information.

Proteas (Germany) 

Securaxis (Geneva) Providing first-hand, real-time, geo-localized individualized security information for people traveling in volatile environment.

SoulSpice (Zurich) – Transforming the world of spices: direct trading, 100% organic for the best spices in a great design.

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