MassChallenge Switzerland Announces 5th Cohort

June 2, 2020 (Renens, Switzerland) – MassChallenge Switzerland, part of MassChallenge’s global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, today announced its 2020 cohort, selected from more than 1,000 applications and representing some of the world’s most promising solutions. The selected 89 early-stage startups come from 22 countries spanning over 4 continents and have the potential to create widespread impact across industries.

For the 2020 accelerator program, MassChallenge Switzerland is staying true to its mission of bringing people and organizations together to enable high potential startups to solve problems and stimulate economies. MassChallenge Switzerland will begin its program virtually in July with the goal of transitioning to in-person programming and events when it can ensure the safety of the community. New this year, participating entrepreneurs will receive access to MassChallenge’s global ecosystem of resources including world class mentorship, unrivaled access and introductions to top corporate partners, tailored curriculum, and more.

This year’s cohort ¬– representing 8% of all applicants – was evaluated in two rounds of judging. The second round involved 340 independent judges representing corporate executives, investors, serial entrepreneurs and top academics – and delivered completely online due to public health concerns related to COVID-19. Over 5 days we ran 50 judging panels, with an average of 8 judges per panel. The challenge was worth it, as involving more judges has improved the diversity of opinion and feedback for all the startups who pitched.

Matt Lashmar, Managing Director of MassChallenge Switzerland said, “I’d like to thank all our judges who helped select this group of startups. At this challenging time, we need now more than ever to help entrepreneurial talent. I really look forward to connecting this group of startups to our experts and corporate partners so that together they can solve problems and help stimulate the economy, whilst growing their businesses.”

Of the startups selected:

  • 31% are general, retail, and consumer goods
  • 31% are high tech   
  • 18% are healthcare and life sciences
  • 13% are clean tech and energy
  • 7% are social impact

In addition, 22 startups in the food and packaging space have been selected participate in the program’s first-ever Sustainable Food Systems track, which offers specialized support, additional resources, and access to our corporate partners.

“In the next two years we will need to unlock all our entrepreneurial potential to help rebuild our economies,” said Ian Roberts, President of MassChallenge Switzerland. “Great startups create jobs, economic growth and value to society. I can only thank Matt and the team for keeping the focus on attracting and supporting the best startups and bringing impact. Every year the program grows in number of applicants and success, but the digital program for 2020 is truly exciting and I anticipate outstanding impact.”

On October 29, 2020, the accelerator program will culminate in the MassChallenge Switzerland Awards, where the most-promising startups compete for a share of up to CHF 1 million in equity-free awards. Register for the MassChallenge Switzerland newsletter to stay up-to-date on the 2020 program:

2020 MassChallenge Switzerland cohort

Sustainable Food Systems Track

Agrolabs (United Kingdom): Utilizes IoT devices and software to help greenhouse farmers gain full control over their crop.

Agrorobotica (Italy): With its robotic trap SpyFly aims to reduce monitoring and pesticides costs for farmers while improving their efficiency.

Anything Connected (Netherlands): Developed an internet connected sensor sticker, which allows any asset to automatically tell you when it will break.

Aquama (Switzerland): Provides 100% biodegradable cleaning and disinfecting solutions (from water and salt electrified) based on the sharing economy principle.

Ascendo (Switzerland): Insect farm in a box, to close the loop between waste organic matter and high quality animal feed.

Binkabi LTD (United Kingdom): A technology provider for agriculture supply chain trading and financing.

Caulys (Switzerland): Enables anyone to grow their own fresh, tasty and eco-friendly fruits and vegetables, directly at home.

Droople SA (Switzerland): The smart grid for water.

Eco-Adapt (France): End-to-end predictive maintenance solution helping asset operators increase the availability of their rotating machines.

ECONEXUS VENTURES LIMITED (Ghana): This business promotes the use of clean cooking fuels across West Africa by gradually replacing biomass and other dirty fuels.

Heliponix, LLC (United States): Provides consumers with the GroPod© Smart Garden Appliance with a Seed Pod™ subscription that’s like “Keurig for food”. 

IBISA (Luxembourg): Enables the next generation of insurance for agriculture harnessing the use of satellite data and blockchain.

ImagoAI (United States): AI-enabled food quality assessment platform for food manufacturing companies

Kugar Inc. (United States): Reshoring manufacturing and other automation to developed countries, enabled by a one of a kind novel modular robotics platform we invented.

Lentera Africa (Kenya): Enables farmers adapt to climate change and increase their yield using satellite, drone and sensor data to generate tactical insights.

Orange Fiber (Italy): Is the Italian company that patented and manufactures sustainable and innovative fabrics from citrus juice by-products.

PlasticFri (Sweden): A proprietary technology turning agricultural waste & non-edible plants into 100% biodegradable & compostable Products.

Recircula Solutions (Spain): The first secure acoustic edge AI for smart containers to increase recycling rates, boosting the circular economy and tackling the plastic.

Seekewa (Republic of Côte d’Ivoire): Is a platform allowing people and organizations to support in kind small farmers in exchange of discounts on the food produced.

SGMA (Sol-Gel Materials & Applications) (United Kingdom): SGMA barrier coating replaces plastic in potecting fibre &metal packaging. It is 100% plastic free, biodegradable, compostable & recyclable.

TicInsect Sagl (Switzerland): Circular economy/insect rearing/food waste valorization. Agrotech  > recycling of nutrients. Cleantech > a new process to cut emission.

Wenda (Italy): Digital Platform helping Food Distribution actors to understand and navigate cold chain, traceability data in the supply chain with IoT & AI.

Healthcare/ Life Sciences

Adiposs (Switzerland): Half of 100 mil. cancer patients also have a fatal body wasting condition called cachexia. Adiposs detects cachexia before it is too late.

ChondroNest SA (Switzerland): Develops « In Vivo » reconstruction of cartilage extra cellular matrix based on an injectable two component bio-polymers.

Computational Life (United States): A digital avatar to rapidly design medical solutions.

EarlySight (Switzerland): Developing a medical device to help doctors detect eye diseases at early stage thanks to precise imaging of the retina.

Flowbone (Switzerland): The easiest treatment to quickly reinforce fragile hips without impeding bone functions.

GRAPHEAL (France): Producing a non-invasive electronic patch that continuously monitors wound healing and provides alerts in case of infection.

Hi-D Imaging AG (Switzerland): We are revolutionizing the cardiovascular disease treatment by making personalized heart valve replacement therapy a reality.

Kriya Biosciences (Switzerland): Applies its proprietary drug delivery technology platform to create transformative therapies for chronic disease patients.

Lanimedical (Spain): The world’s first smart nebulizer with a system of disposable capsules.

Limula (Switzerland): Bringing gene-therapies to the people by enabling hospitals with an automated all-in-one manufacturing platform.

Medical Simulation Technologies (Poland): MrTEEmothy® simulator is the only one in the world system based on real data from real patients acquired using CT scans.

mk2 Biotechnologies (Germany): Develops, produces and investigates peptides at highest purity using a revolutionary scalable synthesis technology.

Nanoglue (Switzerland): In a world where every 10th skin transplant fails, we harness cutting-edge nanotechnology to ensure skin transplant survival.

Neurosoft Bioelectronics (Switzerland): Developing the future of seamless implantable electrodes to monitor and treat neurological diseases.

Octarine Bio (Denmark): Mission is to harness synthetic biology to develop functionally superior cannabinoid and psychedelic tryptamine derivatives.

High Tech

1 Degree Freedom Robotics Pvt Ltd (India): Develops Modular Smart Actuation Systems for cost-effective and precise Motion Control in various Robotic Applications.

Access Informer Security Solutions (Switzerland): A simple yet powerful solution to collect, analyze and monitor user authorizations across your key systems.

AISpotter (Finland): Key innovation is to produce fast, accurate, flexible and automated video-clips for team sports business.

Amphasys AG (Switzerland): Helps seed companies to reduce cost of production by improving the pollen supply chain.

BLP Digital (Switzerland): An ETH spin-off company, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to automatically extract and process data from semi-structured documents.

Decentriq (Switzerland): Combines confidential computing and machine learning to enable simple and safe global deployment of AI applications.

Exomotion (Switzerland): Move out of the box! Exomotion enables you.

Exomys – Augmented Humanity GmbH (Austria): Develops passive exoskeletons for industrial application. Our goal is to rise productivity and prevent occupational diseases.

Guider (United Kingdom): On a mission to create the best personal-development platform for employees worldwide, with mentoring, coaching & advising at its core.

KPI6 (Italy): Combines and integrates data from different sources to improve performances of companies: 2x success rate, -80% of marketing budget.

LDN UTD (United Kingdom): Grassroots esports helping gamers take more of a path to pro, whilst aligning with societal benefits and social purpose.

Less Platform (Switzerland): Revolutionizes how freight management is done. It helps to reduce millions of unnecessary driven miles and cut tones of Co2 emissions.

MicroR Systems (Switzerland): Provides lasers with precise colors for precision applications.

OpSeeker (Spain): An AI and Behavioral Economics powered financial coach that empowers people to have money for a lifetime.

Python Upskilling (Switzerland): Empowering individuals and companies to acquire the coding skills of the future with an engaging personalized curriculum.

Rigi Technologies (Switzerland): Is bringing instant package delivery and logistics to rural areas through innovative drone tech and a turn-key service for transporters.

Senstile (Spain): We offer textile digitization that considers the physical properties of textiles to eliminate frictions in the fashion supply chain.

SimpleJohn (Czech Republic): A video instruction app for manufacturing companies that helps capture and distribute important operating procedures.

Synthara technologies (Switzerland): Adaptive AI chip design for extreme energy efficiency on the edge.

Weeve (Germany): Provides patented security for the Internet of Things.


Addmin (Switzerland): Mobile document management solution for your personal paperwork.

AEROPOWDER (United Kingdom): Created pluumo, the world’s first sustainable thermal packaging material made from surplus feathers, designed for food deliveries.

Aroma Insights (Corporate Innovation Team Givaudan – Switzerland):  Free standing kiosk that can digitally deliver aromas guided by AI to create crowd sourced flavors & fragrances, marketing, collecting data.

Carbonauten GmbH (Germany): -CO2: A novel family of materials consisting of biocarbons, binders and additives that enable disruptive business models.

Cat in a Flat (United Kingdom): Europe’s biggest cat sitting community. We connect cat owners with trusted cat sitters in their area.

CLIP.BIKE Inc (United States): Portable consumer device that can be easily attached to any bike to instantly upgrade it to an electric bike. Mission is to disrupt e-bikes.

DePoly (Switzerland): We can close the loop of PET recycling, saving 2000 gallons of gasoline/ton of plastic & reduce the energy to make new PET bottles by 66%.

FlyingBasket (Italy): Designs custom industrial drones for high payload applications. We make aviation solutions accessible for all industries.

Fooditive (Netherlands): The world’s first sweetener that is made from apple and pears waste, makes it a green label as well as sustainable.

FUL Foods (Netherlands): Immune-boosting food and drink that reduces your carbon footprint.

HanaBi (Corporate Innovation Team Givaudan – Switzerland): HanaBi wants to offer small businesses a ready-to-go solution to penetrate the in-wash fabric solid scentbooster market.

ICOWSOFT (France): Cloud-based herd management software which collect, aggregate and process data from/to the farm, allowing the user to control his farm in real time.

Mushlabs (Germany): A biotech company using cellular agriculture to create the next generation foods from edible mushroom mycelium.

Parx Materials NV (Netherlands): Developed and patented a unique method to make polymers antimicrobial and antibiofilm by using a bodies own trace element.

Ponera Group (Corporate Innovation Team Bühler – Switzerland): A smart modular packaging solution provider as an enabler for implementation of Circular Economy in freight transportation.

Readily3D (Switzerland): Readily3D develops the fastest 3D bioprinters in the world.

Re2Be (Corporate Innovation Team  Givaudan – Switzerland): Enables FMCG companies to exploit their waste streams and achieve sustainability goals by joint development at our innovation centre.

TechnoCarbon (France): Disruptive technologies create a path forward towards sustainable architecture, industry and cities, protecting climate & life.

TrucksOnTheMap (United Kingdom): Forecasting truck availability, thus can potentially save 36 billion EUR a year and cut tons GHG emission.

Urban Connect (Switzerland): We deliver an ecosystem of shared low carbon vehicles to corporates that meets all their mobility needs.

Energy / Clean Tech

ALGOPOLY (Turkey): Helps companies integrate algorithms in their decision making processes by solving large-scale, data-heavy forecasting problems.

Alp Technologies (United Kingdom): We focus on developing affordable and sustainable renewable energy technologies for the developing world.

Bio2oil ApS (Denmark): Develops scalable technology for decentral conversion of waste biomass to a stable crude oil upgradable to sustainable drop in fuels.

CO2 Free Truck (Switzerland): Captures the CO2 emitted by truck and store it. The CO2 can then be sold on the CO2 market or transformed in fuel.

ECO2Blocks (Portugal): Transforms industrial waste into CO2 absorbent pavement blocks.

Heaboo (Portugal): Hoterway thermal battery provides instant hot water in buildings efficiently decreasing water and energy consumption.

Naturbeads (United Kingdom): Replaces fossil-fuel based polluting plastic microbeads with natural and biodegradable cellulose beads.

SCRUFY (Greece): SCRUFY disrupts the multi-billion ship hull cleaning and coating business through a robotic solution for preventive underway hull grooming.

Social Impact

CleanMotion (Switzerland): Develops self-disinfecting door handles to avoid germ transmission.

Neustark (Switzerland): Creates climate positive construction materials by turning CO2 into minerals.

PREINVEL S.R.L. (Italy): Designed THE FIRST FLUIDODYNAMIC filter in the world for remove industrial particulate and pollutants.

Spacept (Sweden): Spacept uses artificial intelligence to analyze satellite images to protect infrastructure and prevent power outages and fires.


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