MassChallenge Switzerland Announces its 4th Startup Cohort

May 15, 2019 Renens – MassChallenge Switzerland, part of MassChallenge’s global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, today announced the 76 early-stage, high-impact startups accepted into its 2019 accelerator.

These startups represent the top 8% of applicants for the program – the most competitive cohort to date. Selected startups come from 34 countries, and represent the following industries:

  • 18% Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • 37% High Tech
  • 24% General 
  • 8% Social Impact
  • 13% Energy/ Clean Tech

“I’m really excited to welcome a new group of startups to MassChallenge Switzerland. We have a very diverse pool across industries and countries, which shows that our program attracts a range of entrepreneurs, who are working to establish their ventures”, said Matt Lashmar, Managing Director of MassChallenge Switzerland. “MassChallenge puts entrepreneurs at the center of its program, as they are engines to drive change and help society solve some of our biggest challenges. Our aim is to now help these startups bring their ideas to fruition. To do this, we act as a catalyst connecting startups to our experts and corporate partners. The startups will greatly benefit from the deep knowledge and market access that our experts and corporate partners bring. And in return our experts and corporate partners will be invigorated and stretched by the startups’ mindset and ideas. This collaboration benefits both parties, and will add value to society by creating jobs and solving major challenges.”

As part of the 2019 cohort these 76 startups will have unrivalled access to top corporate partners, world class mentoring from industry experts, tailored programming and teaching. Plus the chance to be rewarded with up to CHF 1M in zero-equity prize money, and several other in-kind prizes. From questioning their business models and challenging their objectives to exploring collaboration with our leading corporate partners and executing rapidly, MassChallenge Switzerland’s four month accelerator will offer these Finalists the knowledge, networking opportunities and resources they need to succeed.

Over the past three years, MassChallenge Switzerland has quickly become a leading driver of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, distributing CHF 1.3M in equity-free cash prizes to its top 21 startups and over CHF 500K of in-kind awards. MassChallenge Switzerland has graduated more than 191 startups from its accelerator – in addition to 17 startups from its EIT Food Accelerator Network program, a dedicated agri/tech food vertical. These startups have collectively raised more than CHF 107M and created more than 1,000 jobs. In addition, it has expanded from seven founding partners to more than 20 partners. This has led to more than 80 partnerships between startups and corporate partners.

2019 MassChallenge Switzerland Cohort

Healthcare / Life Sciences

Annaida Technologies (Switzerland): Over 10% of couples use In Vitro Fertilization, but chances of success are low. Annaida will increase their chances with technology.

ARTIRIA Medical (Switzerland): We developed a disruptive medical device allowing stroke surgeons to navigate in brain arteries with unprecedented speed and efficacy.

CellSpring (Switzerland)

Clemedi (Switzerland)

Combioxin (Switzerland): Combioxin develops innovative life-saving solutions that revolutionize standard of care for patients with severe infections.

CrystalsFirst (Germany)

DEBN (Poland): DEBN is a medical company developing a novel prostate biopsy needle for urologists which will reduce infectious complication rate.

MAKNEE Oy (Finland): MAKNEE is user-friendly and safe device to assess the health and quality of the joints within 15 minutes, both for humans and animals.

OxyPrem (Switzerland): OxyPrem protects preterm babies by monitoring their brain oxygen levels, enabling clinicians to prevent life-long disabilites and death.

Regenosca SA (Switzerland)

SDCMed (United Kingdom): We want to place to place the power of diagnosis in your hands.

TERAPET (Switzerland)

Visusnano (United Kingdom): The first drug-eluting intraocular lens implant for patients undergoing cataract surgery.

Yago (Switzerland)

High Tech

ACUBE Technology Ltd (Switzerland): A hands-free access solution using the smartphone. Get inside parking, buildings, buses, etc. in a seamless way, without doing anything.

Antavi (Switzerland): We develop a mobile command and control SaaS to help safety providers simplifying tactical operations with better oversight.

asvin (Germany): provides a secure update platform and organizing the Over The Air distribution of updates to Internet of Things Edge device.

BCRemit (United Kingdom): BCRemit is making money transfer cheaper, faster and more convenient for the benefit of migrant workers worldwide.

C4P (Belgium): C4P develops cutting edge technology to generate intelligence about the EU procurement. All in a single space, the C4P Platform.

DBeaver (United States)

Deepstributed (Poland): We let Machine Learning Experts use their private, community or cloud GPU resources and run ML experiments with no configuration effort.

Dronistics (Switzerland): Dronistics makes safe autonomous flying delivery drones for companies who need to deliver small packages to any person within a 6km range.

eMazing-retailing (Switzerland): We help companies improving conversion rate by 30% on 3rd party eCommerce marketplaces by testing primary picture, secondary pictures.

Enterprise Bot (Switzerland): Enterprise Bot is an Artificial Intelligence company that build chatbot solutions for enterprises.

Fresh.Land (Denmark): B2B digital platform allows farmers to sell directly to retailers, cutting out the middlemen, reducing CO2, foodwaste and chemicals.

Genetrainer (United Kingdom)

JetPack Data (France): Powered by AI, JetPack Data is a Data analytics & visualization platform geared for the Banking and Insurance sector.

kaiosID (Switzerland): kaiosID is a cloud based traceability solution allowing consumer goods brands to fight counterfeiting and build consumer trust.

Logmind (Switzerland): Logmind is a big data analytics platform that provides visibility and automated insights into unstructured machine log data.

MyChoice2Pay (Spain): Our platform allows merchants to offer several payment gateways to their customers with a single integration.

OpSeeker (Spain)

Pi Lighting (Switzerland): R&D partners for the Lighting Industry

Pixevia (Lithuania)

Plair SA (Switzerland)

PlusAdvance (Italy): We help supply chains to release working capital with a digital, simple and no-risk platform of dynamic discounting.

PXL Vision (Switzerland)

Rebus Labs Tech. Inc. (Turkey)

Smeetz SA (Switzerland)

Stroma Vision (United States): Computer vision based safety tech interface that analyzes human behavior to reduce work-related accidents and works in any car or factory.

Systemcredit (Switzerland): Systemcredit is an independent intermediary and data source for small business loans.

Tomplay (Switzerland): Tomplay invents the Interactive Sheet Music and offers all musicians a unique tool to learn and play music.

Watttron (Germany)


AbuErdan (Egypt): A cloud-based management system catering to poultry companies allowing efficient in-depth technical management. 

Agrocompas Limited (United Kingdom): Agricompas creates crop data analytics platforms and services invorporating ecology and commerce while acheiving sustainable agriculture.

Additive Flow (United Kingdom)

Bao Lovers (Spain): Offers “haute cuisine” in a franchise fast food model.

AMVICUBE PVT LTD (India): Non destructive automated testing to identify the rice, broken rice, chalky, discolored and admixture without dehusking.

BeeHelpful SA (Switzerland): BeeHelpful produces and sells PrimalBee® System, a new patented honeybee hive for any kind of beekeeper and pollination companies.

BFT, s.r.o. (Slovakia): We developed an accessible product for foods, which influence body glycemic reaction and overall reduce risks for civilization diseases.

Deliverart (Italy): A B2B channel manager in cloud that simplifies food delivery management through automation and optimization. 

Dimpora (Switzerland): We produce the new generation of highly breathable, waterproof and sustainable functional membranes for the outdoor textile industry.

FGen GmbH (Switzerland)

FoodUnite (Switzerland)

Fuelsave (Portugal): At Fuelsave, we work to make the world a more efficient, safer and less polluted place to live.

Hempfy (Switzerland): Swiss Startup for legal hemp infused products: R&D, production, sales (B2C & B2B products). A catch is the Taste! Hempfy sold in COOP/REWE.

Hyper Poland (Poland): We are the only company in the world able to implement Hyperloop-inspired technology in stages as an upgrade to existing railway corridors.

LiLiCAST (Belgium): Grow your audience with LiLiCAST. One single Tool to script, record, edit and share the voice in a social video. #radio #podcast #teamwork.

Microcaps (Switzerland): Microcaps offers a novel technology for the production of microcapsules to protect active materials, such as drugs in pharma or fragrances.

Neema Food (United Kingdom): We make premium African food products with real ingredients. Our current range are chilli pastes made from our family recipe from DRCongo.

Nutrifix (United Kingdom): Delivers personalised dynamic weekly meal plans based on your health goals.

Planted (Switzerland): Planted creates tasty ‘meat’ directly from plants – and skips the animal. Our plant-based meat is sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free. (Switzerland): helps food professionals to protect their business and brand reputation with relevant and timely food safety notifications.

Silencions (Switzerland)

SpotRates (Italy): SpotRates is a cloud solution designed for air cargo where stakeholders are connected within the same digital working environment. (Switzerland)

WhiteWise (Swizerland): creates eco-friendly outdoor apparels for mountain lovers and nature champions.

Energy / Clean Tech

1H2O3 (Switzerland): We provide simple products for complex waters.

Envic.Sense AB (Sweden): Heavy metals in water both kills and causes diseases. FREEDD makes it possible to analyze water directly without sending samples to a lab.

GreenStore (Switzerland)

iWin – innovative Windows for Solar Facades (Switzerland)

Liquid Logical (United Kingdom): Liquid logical have invented a new technology which brings water to boiling temp instantly without a tank. Using exact time, water, energy.

PILI (France)

SAMAWATT (Switzerland)

SpinDrive (Finland): SpinDrive provides highly efficient turn-key drivetrains with frictionless active magnetic bearings for original equipment manufacturers.

Swoxid (Switzerland): Non-electric purifier which upon solar irradiation (natural or artificial) makes contaminated water safe.

Test 1 srl (Italy): FoamFlex200 is an innovative, patented technology for oil spills. 1kg of FF200 is able to absorb 6 tons of oils.

Social Impact

Craste (India): We build products for packaging and furniture using crop residue.

Emotion Food Company (Switzerland)

recoverie (Switzerland)


Seniors@Work (Switzerland): Seniors@Work allows retired people to offer their services, skills and experience to other individuals, companies, organizations & start-ups.

UP Green Organic (Switzerland)


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