MassChallenge Texas in Austin Announces 2020 Cohort

JUNE 2, 2020 (AUSTIN, TX) – MassChallenge, a global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, today announced the 58 early-stage startups invited to join the 2020 MassChallenge Texas in Austin program. These selected startups have been rigorously vetted by a community of more than 500 expert judges and represent the top 10% of applications from around the world.

“Today’s entrepreneurs will have a fundamental impact on how efficiently the world recovers from the current economic crisis, and the game-changing startups in this year’s Austin-based cohort are poised to do just that,” said Mike Millard, Managing Director of MassChallenge Texas. “I am incredibly impressed by the founders’ abilities to navigate their businesses through the coronavirus crisis, leveraging the intersection of business and technology to create solutions across agriculture, internet of things, medical devices, manufacturing, and more.  These startups have a place helping large organizations recalibrate as they adapt to the new digital-first world. They will pave the way for economic development by getting companies back online, creating jobs, and generating wealth.”  

Since March, MassChallenge’s world-class network of investors, serial entrepreneurs, corporate executives, academics, and more have evaluated applications based on each startup’s ability to demonstrate high impact and high potential in their fields. The cohort selected for the Austin program represent:

5 Countries

15 States

5 industries:

  • 43% healthcare and life sciences
  • 31% are high tech
  • 22% are general, retail and consumer goods
  • 2% are cleantech and energy
  • 2% are social impact
  • 65% female founded

This year’s cohort includes a new focus area for startups with dual-use solutions in commercial and defense industry applications. The Safety & Security track accelerates, connects, and educates startups with direct or relevance to national defense and public safety, and accelerates their pathways to market and scale. The track provides partners a demonstrated platform to access the next generation of defense-relevant technologies to strengthen the defense innovation ecosystem. Serving as a sub-cohort, startups selected for this track will receive specialized content and connections, tailored to help them grow within the national defense industry.

“Central Texas has is uniquely suited to reach and support emerging commercial tech because of the access to the fast-expanding innovation community here,” said Zach Walker, Defense Innovation Unit Texas Lead. “This includes a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs building useful technologies across different industries. We are excited to connect with the startups in this year’s cohort and help scale the most successful prototypes across the Department for the greatest impact; saving time, money and lives.”

To mitigate the public health risks presented by the novel coronavirus, MassChallenge Texas in Austin’s 2020 accelerator will begin virtually and will transition to a hybrid of digital and in-person programming when the organization can ensure the health and safety of its community. Participating startups will engage in an evidence-based curriculum designed to address key challenges across the early-stage lifecycle and will receive unrivaled access to experienced mentors, a global network of experts, top corporate partners, and more. This premier experience and access is made available at zero cost and for zero equity.  

“MassChallenge Texas has done incredible work since their launch in 2017. Their work with more than 150 startups in Austin has far reaching impact across Central Texas,” said Dana Harris, Vice President of Federal/State Advocacy for the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and MassChalleng Texas board member. “I’m excited to see the program make a fast pivot to a virtual accelerator experience in the wake of COVID-19. This further demonstrates their commitment and promise to help organizations manage change and drive economic growth.”

There will be two opportunities for the public to connect with the participating startups at the MassChallenge Virtual Startup Showcase on July 16 and 17 and the MassChallenge Texas in Austin 2020 Awards at the end of the program. More information and RSVP details will be shared on the MassChallegne website when the accelerator kicks off later this month.

2020 MassChallenge Texas in Austin Cohort


NALA Systems (North Carolina, USA) – NALA’s patent pending chlorine tolerant low fouling reverse osmosis membranes will dramatically reduce the cost of making pure water.


360VR Technology (Delaware, USA): 360VR Technology is an information platform that increases safety, operational efficiency and reduces risk by integrating 3D models with building information.

AdaptaFit (Texas, USA) – AdaptaFit has created a patent-pending, easy to install magnetic kit to replace buttons and zippers and make getting dressed easy for those with limited mobility.

At Ease Rentals Corporation (Texas, USA) – At East Rentals is similar to Airbnb but for military. The platform guarantees all listings will meet federal lodging requirements; ensuring federal employees can receive reimbursements.

Applied Bioplastics (Texas, USA) – Applied Bioplastics is transforming the perception of bioplastics from “expensive and uncommon” to “inexpensive and ubiquitous”.

Biomineral Systems LLC (Indiana, USA) – Biomineral Systems is a R&D biotechnology company that aims to make conventional agriculture sustainable and organic agriculture viable.

BlyncSync Technologies (Oklahoma,USA) – BlyncSync is an IOT platform that is helping prevent accidents in the trucking industry through biometric wearables & behavioral analytics.

Chronically Capable (Washington,DC, USA) – Chronically Capable sources flexible jobs and resources for the chronically ill.

En Solución Inc. (Texas, USA) – En Solución’s mission is to revolutionize food safety through the development of nanotechnology-enabled methods for cleaning and sanitizing.

Equine Smartbit LLC (Missouri,USA) – Equine Smartbit embeds sensors into a horsebit to monitor horse biometrics in real time and continue basis through its mouth.

Locker Lifestyle (Illinois, USA) Locker Lifestyle creates wearable lockers so you can workout, travel, and adventure with confidence. Stash your cash, keys, ID & more.

Power Polymer, LLC (Texas,USA) – Power Polymer protect lives, minimizes economic loss, and creates revitalization and sustainability in complex multi-hazards environments.

Renzoe Box (Texas, USA): Renzoe Box is the smart beauty platform streamlining the daily beauty experience to help women put their best face forward.

The Etho (Texas, USA) – The Etho is an online marketplace for highly curated, ethically-made goods from international Artisans and high-end Designers.

UAV-IQ Precision Agriculture (Puerto Rico, USA) – UAV-IQ’s service deploys drones over farms and orchards and uses proprietary hardware systems calibrated to release beneficial insects and mites which feed upon pests plaguing crops to provide pesticide-free protection.


Brazen, Inc. (Texas, USA) – Brazen is a women’s health company building precision medicine for periods.

Briocare (Texas, USA) – Biocare is revolutionizing elderly care and aging in place using smart voice technology.

Code 1 Medical Devices (Florida,USA) – Code 1 Medical Devices is a novel airway device designed to prevent the aspiration of stomach contents into the lungs.

EM Device Lab, Inc (Texas,USA) – EM Device Labs is reinventing abscess treatment with the Quickloop Device. Quickloop cuts the procedure failure rate in half, is less painful, and eliminates follow-up visits.

Medical Elution Devices (Texas,USA)

GaitIQ, Inc. (Texas,USA) – GaitIQ™ is building a revolutionary product to screen for Alzheimer’s Disease years or even decades before the onset of cognitive decline.

HiPR Innovation, Inc. (Texas, USA)

Microbial Pulse Diagnostics (Colorado,USA) – Microbial Pulse technology reduces the time to identify the right antibiotic for urinary tract infections from 2 days to 2 hours.

Levate LLC (Oklahoma,USA) – The Levaté Wheelchair Lift allows users to easily reach a shelf or countertop, transfer out of their wheelchair, or have an eye-level conversation.

NemoCare Wellness (India) – NemoCare addresses the need for an affordable, continuous monitoring system for detection of Apnea, RD & Hypothermia in neonates in low resource settings through a wearable device and a connected intelligent platform.

Onexio Biosystems (Wisconsin,USA) – Onexio’s microDUO provides drug discovery researchers a simple, affordable and high-throughput cell co-culture device.

Sano Chemicals Inc. (Texas,USA) Sano Chemicals is involved in development of novel treatments that improve women’s health and the health of is immunocompromised patients.

Strap Technologies (Texas,USA) – Strap Technologies developed a wearable device that helps blind people moving around independently. The equipment replaces the outdated white cane and is designed to vibrate in the presence if an obstacle.

Syntr Health Technologies, Inc (California,USA)

TeVido BioDevices, Inc (Texas,USA) – TeVido processes patient’s own skin cells to restore lost skin color caused by scars & disease.

Thinks Works (Texas, USA)

Vigilant Software (Texas, USA) – Vigilant software is a healthcare SAAS company that automates the workflow of drugs drawn at point-of-care as opposed to pharmacies.

Xpan Inc. (Canada) – Xpan’s less invasive yet expandable universal port aims to maximize the safety & efficiency of minimally invasive surgery.


Civic Champs (Indiana, USA): Civic Champs helps nonprofits truly engage with their volunteers while turning them into donors.

Class2Class Inc. (Texas, USA) – Class2Class is the first all-in-one platform to help instructors and administrators connect, create, and manage Virtual Exchange courses.

ClassNotes (Pakistan) – ClassNotes provides educational resources and data centric services to students around the world to help them prepare academic examinations and standardized tests.

CSS Worldwide, Inc (Texas,USA) – CSS is a workplace safety analytics company that uses sensing technology to identify safety issues before they become costly accidents.

CUE Audio (Tennessee, USA) – CUE Audio uses high-frequency, inaudible audio signals to transmit data.

DanceFight (Texas,USA) – DanceFight is a mobile competition platform. Record yourself dancing to a song, challenge a friend, and let the world determine a winner.

Emerging Technology Ventures Inc (New Mexico, USA) – SkyAI delivers timely, actionable intelligence for condition-based maintenance to optimize aircraft availability in tactical environments.

EyeTrac LLC (Texas,USA) – EyeTrac has developed novel face guard technology for contact sports, which can detect concussions accurately on the field in real time.

FairHire (United Kingdom) – FairHire is a blind hiring platform that champions name-blind profiles, meaning job seekers are chosen on merit alone, without any bias, be in unconscious or conscious.

From The Future LLC (Texas,USA) – From The Future uses the power of virtual reality to improve safety and performance. Virtual Training Solutions for Improving the Human Condition.

Global Security Advancements (Texas,USA) – Global Security Advancements helps individuals, families and organizations manage firearm safety through education, training, and a firearm safe storage system that alerts owners of unintentional use, combined with the ability to secure and subsequently locate the firearm utilizing GPS.

HackNotice (Texas,USA)- HackNotice is the easiest way to find out when hackers steal your data or leak your identity.

Hashing Systems (Texas,USA) – Hashing Systems helps users build blockchain-powered apps in as little as 30 minutes.

Hauoli (Texas,USA) – Hauoli is a novel motion tracking technology using acoustic signals to revolutionize user interface.

Muxy (Texas, USA) – Muxy is an Emmy winning software startup focused on making live video an interactive experience for viewers and the broadcasters.

OpenStaff (Texas,USA) – OpenStaff is a temporary employment network for Early Childhood Education. A simple, fast and inexpensive way to connect Centers & Teachers.

RealKey (California,USA) – RealKey is an automated mortgage processing SaaS platform with only one touch – no conditions from underwriting – through document-centric and network-effect.

Sendspark (Texas, USA) 

ShardSecurity (Texas,USA)

TWO12 (Texas,USA) – TWO12 is creating a private stock market for every startup.

Vitro Technology Corporation (Texas, USA) – Vitro’s Zero Trust IoT gives customers access to remote, real-world data while securing remote devices and enforcing Zero-Trust policies for data access control and audit.

Vybe Software Inc. (Texas, USA) – Vybe Softward launched Leia, and app that leverages A.I. to build custom, beautiful, responsive websites in under 60 seconds for any business.

Weeve (Texas,USA) – Weeve helps people leaders build happier and higher-performing teams by providing empathetic AI chatbot platform that helps organizations identify and solve employee issues 18x faster.

Writer Duet (Texas,USA) – WriterDuet is a real-time collaborative platform for writers, filmmakers, game developers, and other creative teams.


Merivis (Texas,USA) – Merivis is a non-profit, volunteer-driven veterans’ service organization that focuses on preparing veterans for a career in Salesforce technology, through training, mentorship, and job-readiness guidance.

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