MassChallenge, the Global Network for innovators, Announces a Partnership with Dropbox DocSend, the Secure Document Sharing Platform

Boston, MA March 12, 2024 – MassChallenge, founded in 2009 in Boston, MA, has a commitment to accelerating high-impact startups, connecting them with experts, corporations, and communities to grow and transform businesses and economies. Through a unique equity-free model, MassChallenge programs have successfully accelerated over 4400 startups with bold, disruptive ideas from non-traditional backgrounds, fostering a rich innovation ecosystem.  With a mission to equip entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo, MassChallenge works across sectors to foster collaborative innovation and support founders who are working to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. 

“The collaboration is a testament to MassChallenge’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting entrepreneurs. It exemplifies how strategic partnerships can provide tangible benefits to startups, offering them the resources and support they need to scale their operations and impact,” said Will Magruder, Vice President of Partnerships at MassChallenge,  “MassChallenge’s partnership with Dropbox DocSend not only broadens the scope of resources available to startups but also strengthens our community through service offerings specifically geared toward fostering better collaboration and driving open innovation.” 

“The primary goal for our partnership is to enable founders with the tools and insights to successfully raise funds and grow their startup with Dropbox DocSend, and we want to partner with MassChallenge because of the organization’s unique commitment to impact, which sets them apart as a startup accelerator that prioritizes social innovation and positive change” Shruti Singapur, Partner Marketing Manager, Dropbox DocSend. 

Dropbox DocSend, a company that provides secure document sharing and tracking services, aligns with MassChallenge’s ethos of supporting startups at every stage of their journey. Through this partnership, Dropbox DocSend aims to leverage its technology to enhance the startup ecosystem by offering founders critical insights and tools to help them secure funding, track engagement with their documents, and streamline their operations. The partnership is designed to provide startups within the MassChallenge network with access to Dropbox DocSend’s services at discounted rates, enabling them to more effectively manage and share their sensitive documents with stakeholders. 

MassChallenge’s extensive experience in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, combined with Dropbox DocSend’s cutting-edge technology, promises to bring new opportunities for startups to thrive. The collaboration is expected to further MassChallenge’s mission by making it easier for entrepreneurs to access the resources they need to grow and scale their businesses. Together, MassChallenge and Dropbox DocSend are excited to embark on this journey to empower the startup ecosystem and drive sustainable progress and meaningful change. 

About Dropbox DocSend 

Dropbox DocSend is a better way to share business-critical documents and facilitate fundraising, investor relations, due diligence, board management, business development, sales engagement, and more. It enables you to see who has viewed your document, and how much time they’ve spent on each page, allowing you to know what content is engaging and to plan targeted follow-ups. 

About MassChallenge 

MassChallenge is the global network for innovators. Headquartered in the United States with eight locations worldwide, it is the non-profit’s mission to help bold entrepreneurs disrupt the status quo and create sustainable change. Since launching in 2009, MassChallenge has run programs in 24 countries, supported more than 4,300 startups from around the world, and awarded over $18M in equity-free cash and prizes. Learn more about MassChallenge at