MassChallenge UK Announces Its 2024 Early-Stage Accelerator Cohort 

Meet the MassChallenge UK cohort 2024

June 12, 2024 (London) – MassChallenge UK, part of MassChallenge’s global network of innovators, today announces the 18 early-stage startups invited to join the 2024 acceleration program. 

The selected startups represent the top 10% of applications we received from around the world. They were judged by over 35 independent experts from the MassChallenge Community, who gave feedback to each of the startups to help them improve their propositions. 

In 2024 we will establish our UK focus tracks (AI-Enabled Decarbonization, and Sustainable Biochemistry), these segments representing two thirds of the 2024 cohort. We have also included a substantial number of HealthTech startups. The 2024 cohort will now attend our 4-month acceleration program. 

Since 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has been a leader in helping startups across Europe grow their businesses, with 720 alumni raising $1.4Bn in funding. As we build our UK hub, we can now accelerate a larger cohort, providing vital industrial connections and the mentorship needed to succeed, without taking equity or fees. 

David Kinsella, Managing Director of MassChallenge UK says:
“Congratulations to all the startups in the cohort. Year 2 for MassChallenge in the UK has been an exciting journey, we have established a home in the Royal Docks Centre for Sustainability, expanded our cohort and have welcomed new partners to the ecosystem. Now the fun starts, we cannot wait to start working with the cohort and connecting the teams with partners, experts and mentors. We will immediately start working on their pitches and honing their business propositions.”  

Discover more about the UK Programme and Partners.

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MassChallenge UK Startups 2024: 

AiMorphous Health (United Kingdom): AH develops blood diagnostics that delivers daily, sensitive & accurate monitoring of blood activities leading to thrombosis and bleeding. By utilizing breakthrough biomarkers of the blood clotting system, the device enhances cardiovascular health, contributes to preventing cardiovascular distress and improving heart-health and longevity through evidence-based health monitoring. It aims to reduce massively the mortality and burdens due to #1 cause of death.

Angry Camel (United Kingdom): We develop egg white replacement with superior emulsifi cation & foaming for food applications from Chickpea protein.

APRIKO (United Kingdom): In biopharma manufacturing processes, selecting the right operational mode will significantly impact efficiency, product quality, and resource utilisation. We created an AI-powered decision-support tool helping production managers in biopharma manufacturing to achieve optimal results by managing the complexity of bioprocess.

Change Bio (United Kingdom): Change Bio upcycles waste methane into proteins, with the goal of making them less expensive and carbon negative.

CloEE (United Kingdom): CloEE is an AI-powered SaaS specifically designed to enhance the productivity and manage quality of end products at discrete manufacturing companies of all sizes. CloEE focuses on real-time data collection from production equipment, reducing emergency stops by up to 95% and improving productivity, reducing reject rates by 2 times and improvingoverall equipment efficiency (OEE) by up to 30%.

ConfidentialMind (Finland): ConfidentialMind is an Espoo, Finland based AI startup building a next generation generative AI platform for the most demanding on-premises and private cloud environments. Our standalone microservices genAI software infrastructure stack enables our customers to deploy and develop complex genAI systems on top the most valuable data in the world.

DeafTawk (Denmark): Half a billion deaf communities across the globe face communication barriers in order to interact with the general public. DeafTawk is bridging the communication gap through digital sign language interpretation services having both human as well AI bot interpretation in real time that enables the deaf community to take full and effective participation and inclusion in society.

Demetria (United Kingdom): Demetria changes the way in which endometriosis is diagnosed, helping to move the disease from invasive to non-invasive diagnosis, by better utilising the ultrasound stage of the diagnostic pathway.

Envisionit Deep AI (United Kingdom): Envisionit Deep AI® (EDAI) is an innovative medical technology with a holistic approach to Artificial Intelligence. Committed to the highest standards of ethical AI we aim to democratize access to diagnostic healthcare by enabling accurate, cost-effective, and timely diagnoses, regardless of geographic or economic barriers.

Extracellular (United Kingdom): Extracellular is accelerating sustainable biotechnology as the first choice manufacturing partner globally, by delivering the worlds most efficient cell-based bioprocesses.

Generational (United Kingdom): Batteries are fundamental to the value and range of EVs, but battery degradation depends on how individual vehicles are used. Generational develops fully digital and user-friendly EV battery and performance assessments. We help leasing companies, vehicle marketplaces and fleet operators to monitor and increase the value of EVs through analytics and personalised usage-based advice. This reduces depreciation and makes EVs cheaper to own.

GroundedSensors (United Kingdom): Soil is the most important natural research on Earth. It has evolved for millennia to provide the perfect conditions for life. Modern agriculture degrades it, reducing yields, releasing carbon and increasing sensitivity to climate change. Grounded Sensors is developing soil health monitors that can live in the soil all year round, providing farmers instant feedback for them to develop methods for an agricultural system sustainable for generations to come.

Jeev (United Kingdom): We build tools to help project developers and local stewards globally to launch and scale equitable nature restoration projects quicker and at a lower cost.

PerPlant (Denmark): PerPlant democratizes AI in agriculture by supporting sustainable farming with a cost-effective, plug & play and AI-based camera sensor that optimizes usage of pesticides & fertilizer with up to 70% and increase harvest yield with up to 10%.

Purcell (United Kingdom): Imagine reducing a 3 month diagnostic process to just hours & having a sustainable Smart Inhaler delivered to your door! Purcell is! We are developing medication agnostic, patient-centric, reusable, smart inhalers that are highly sophisticated, paired smartphone software and AI/ML-based Software-as-a-Medical device (SaMD), to make the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of disease effortless for patients, families and healthcare providers.

Syngens (Norway): Our DNA design platform combines AI with biological (-‘omics) data to make engineering microorganism predictable. We streamline biomanufacturing, cutting the time and cost of developing bio-based products like enzymes, proteins, food ingredients, chemical, biofuels etc. by reducing trial-and-error, our technology speeds up market entry and supports a sustainable shift away from fossil fuels towards a circular bioeconomy.

Ventra® (United Kingdom): Ventra is pioneering an innovative, personalized early-life microbiome analysis and precision synbiotics subscription platform to combat allergies and chronic diseases.

Zetamotion (United Kingdom): Zetamotion’s Spectron platform delivers highly accurate, scalable, fully connected and fully automated AI Quality Control that: streamlines current processes, increases product yield, reduces waste, lowers emissions and improves profitability. Spectron deploys, adapts and scales rapidly by integrating with existing off-the-shelf hardware solutions, achieving precise performance at 99.99% accuracy within 24h. (

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