MassChallenge Announces 2022 HealthTech Cohort

This 2022 cohort includes 24 startups, 15 of which will participate in the first PandemicX program.

Boston, MA (December 17, 2021) – MassChallenge, the global network for innovators, today announces the 24 startups invited to participate in the 2022 HealthTech cohort. Meet the MassChallenge HealthTech 2022 cohort here

“We are excited to welcome 24 startups to our 2022 HealthTech program. This year’s cohort represents some of the most forward-thinking startups addressing access to care, remote monitoring, mental health, health equity, and other areas of healthcare challenges with a growing need for innovation,” said Cait Brumme, Senior Vice President of MassChallenge. “We look forward to witnessing the transformation these startups bring to the health ecosystem with their innovative digital solutions.”

The MassChallenge HealthTech program uses an evidence-based methodology to match innovative solutions to enterprise scale organizations. Selection into this cohort is contingent upon a startup and industry leader identifying a tangible path forward to work on demonstration projects that achieve actionable results.  After a rigorous matchmaking process the 2022 program recognizes 27 potential partnership opportunities poised for exploration.  

Kicking off in January these startups and their HealthTech Champion counterparts will begin to work directly together towards identifying and facilitating key advisor introductions, pilot exploratory, research, and investment opportunities. In addition, each startup will have access to tailored curriculum and the opportunity to apply for scholarships. 

“The startups chosen this year impressed us with their innovative approaches to solving real industry challenges across banking, insurance, asset management and more,” noted Mike Fanning, Head of MMUS and Global Board Member of MassChallenge. “Likewise, the roster of diverse HealthTech startups selected is also critically important as the digital health evolution continues to grow. We are excited to see them address this challenge head on.”

Included in the cohort is The PandemicX Accelerator (PandemicX) co-led by collaborators in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.  Fifteen startups will work with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on developing equitable COVID-19 healthcare solutions. These agencies, new MassChallenge HealthTech collaborators, shared their enthusiasm for the launch of the new MassChallenge HealthTech program track, PandemicX, this upcoming program year.

“PandemicX will help give us interoperable tools that identify health inequities and facilitate interventions that prevent such inequities from further turning into healthcare disparities,” said Micky Tripathi, U.S. National Coordinator for Health IT.” Read more about the PandemicX track here

The MassChallenge HealthTech program is supported by a public-private partnership that includes partners and collaborators Accenture, Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, City of Boston, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), MassMutual, MITRE, Point32Health, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS); community partners American Medical Association (AMA), Beth Israel Lahey Health, Clifton Larson Allen (CLA), Goodwin Proctor, Takeda, Theras LifeTech Group, Vertex, ZenDesk.

To date, 122 startups have participated in MassChallenge HealthTech. Collectively, they have raised more than $770M in funding, generated more than $96M in revenue, created over 1,600 jobs, and impacted millions of patient lives. More details on the 2020 program’s impact can be found here

Meet the MassChallenge Healthtech 2022 Startups

Canopie – Canopie prevents and addresess maternal mental health disorders through customized, audio-based programs and automated coaching using clinically validated, recommended therapeutic techniques. 

CardMedic – CardMedic is a unique multi-award-winning website and app that improves communication between healthcare staff and patients, across any barrier–including foreign language; visual, hearing, or cognitive impairment; or PPE. 

Carium – Carium is a leading virtual care platform that enables providers to deliver relationship-based, digital care across multiple clinical specialties. They extend the reach and impact of care teams through real-time collaboration with patients enhanced by actionable data insights and research-backed support for behavior modification. 

CBOH – CBOH is a digital health platform that connects people through sharing health statuses. They allow organizations to seamlessly organize essential health statuses, empower participants with information clarity, and keep everyone informed of health security. 

Culture Care Collective – Culture Care Collective is a hybrid health support program where community health workers are integrated into clinical care teams to coordinate care for marginalized groups to increase access to socially supportive healthcare at low costs. 

Delfina –  Delfina uses deep learning solutions to automate FHM analysis and generate clinically relevant risk stratification. Their software predicts clinically actionable events and recommends timely interventions that will improve patient care by alerting physicians to high-risk patterns in real-time.

EatWell Meal Kits – EatWell creates prescription meal kits to prevent diabetes, food insecurity, and the healthcare costs associated. Their evidence-based meal kits are accompanied by educational videos that leverage experiential learning approaches, pairing nutritious resources with skill-building materials to support long-term behavior change. 

Eupnoos Ltd –  Eupnoos converts smartphones into clinical lung function testing and symptom monitoring, data interpretation, and reporting device, making preventive care a reality.

Ferrum Health – Ferrum Health is an AI-driven quality command center that provides an on-premises hardware and software platform as well as a pre-validated and integrated catalog of best-in-class AI applications that simplifies a hospital’s AI strategy. Enabling hospital systems to find, deploy, AI applications across different workflows at an enterprise scale.

HealthOpX – HealthOpX are social determinants of health software startup that partners community-based organizations with healthcare and government organizations to engage and improve the health of at-risk patients. Their technology helps healthcare and government organizations meet patients where they are in the community. 

HeyRenee – HeyRenee is the first patient-centric “digital front door” that unifies previously disconnected providers, partners and data to enable proactive data-driven care to improve healthcare for all Americans. Free to patients, HeyRenee is sold to payers in a PMPM plus gain share model that aligns with incentives.

InnoPsych – InnoPsych, Inc. is a mental health platform company that is changing the face of therapy and disrupting racial disparities in mental health. Their offerings include a national therapist of color directory, engaging mental health programming that aims to change how (BIPOC) communities talk about mental health, and wellness products that teach emotional wellness strategies.

Juli – juli is an AI-driven next-gen chronic condition management platform for multi-factorial and comorbid conditions. They currently cover asthma, migraine, chronic pain, depression, and bipolar disorder. Patients that use juli can track their conditions easily, understand their triggers and get recommendations on how to get better or avoid the next episode. 

Kintsugi – Kintsugi is developing smarter mental healthcare infrastructure using voice biomarkers to streamline access to care. Awarded multiple distinctions for novel AI technology through the National Science Foundation, Kintsugi detects clinical depression and anxiety from 20-seconds of free-form speech, closing mental health care gaps across risk-bearing health systems, saving time and lives.

ManagingLife – ManagaingLife offer the most comprehensive digital solution for managing pain – it improves self-management, measurement, and remote monitoring. Their solution helps doctors improve patient outcomes and disability insurers return claimants to work faster.

myBiometry – myBiometry’s mission is to end asthma attacks. They are developing a platform that combines digital health, diagnostics at home, and a care team to identify patients at risk of an attack 20 days before symptoms.  They leverage a patented single use, disposable sensor and connected device technology to track a biomarker of airway inflammation in breath. Their initial focused is self-funded employer and Medicaid market segments.

Oculognex – Oculogenex is developing a patented treatment that can repair the aged and damaged retina, reprogram it to a youthful state, and prevent vision loss from degeneration. This therapy can potentially last a lifetime and is delivered into the eye with an injection. 

OMNY Health – Built by providers for providers, OMNY Health™ connects patients, providers, and life sciences companies through data and insights to transform healthcare delivery, improve clinical outcomes, and address patients’ unmet needs. Their secure real-world data platform and analytics services make it possible for health systems and specialty networks to harness the destiny of their data today. 

Opeeka – Opeeka helps care systems build a success-focused model across a system of care. Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS, /pieces/) facilitates the implementation of person-centered collaborative care while tracking trajectories of recovery. 

Patientory, Inc – Patientory empowers patients, clinicians, and healthcare organizations with actionable insight to access, store and transfer information safely, thus improving care coordination, with minimized breaches, an 85% decrease in hospital readmissions and penalties, and a 42% decrease in IT expenditures.

SOAP Health – SOAP created the world’s first patent-pending Perfect Medical Interviewer™, a voice & image-based conversational AI-powered digital human clinically validated to collect more actionable patient data than doctors; Riskvue™, 400+ proprietary algorithms focused on risk detection and diagnosis, the Smart SOAP Note™, a clinical note compiled from patient data and generated risk assessments and diagnoses, and Continuous Care™, a follow-up program that monitors medical compliance and overall wellbeing.

Unmute – Although the #1 indicator of therapeutic success is the patient-therapist fit, 1 in 2 adults quit therapy due to a lack of therapist fit. Getting this match wrong costs health insurance $266 billion annually. Focusing on the match quality sets them apart while providing quicker therapeutic results for patients, reduced costs for health insurers, and increased LTV for therapists.

Welfie – Welfie is a care coordination platform that delivers health to the families that need it most. They do that via content, educating about self-care, community, creating social health networks of support, and care coordination, connecting people with services to address social determinants of health and chronic care issues.

Wisedocs – Wisedocs is the most advanced AI platform for processing medical documents. Our solution is a cloud-based platform offered to insurers, law firms, and medical examiners (IMEs, QMEs, Peer Reviewers). Their patented AI technology organizes large amounts of medical documents – both structured and unstructured – so all medical information on a given claimant can be reviewed, and quicker, more informed decisions can be made.

MassChallenge Healthtech Partners and Collaborators

Accenture, American Medical Association (AMA), Beth Israel Lahey Health, Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, City of Boston, Clifton Larson Allen (CLA), Goodwin Proctor, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), MassMutual, MITRE, Point32Health, Takeda, Theras LifeTech Group, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Vertex, and ZenDesk.

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