PULSE@MassChallenge Is Now MassChallenge HealthTech! 

To better reflect our work accelerating the startups that have the power to transform healthcare, we have made the decision to change our program name from PULSE@MassChallenge to MassChallenge HealthTech.

We believe that the name MassChallenge HealthTech more clearly represents our dedication to bringing together a community of health tech startups, industry leading organizations, professionals, and innovators to solve the world’s most massive healthcare challenges. Behind the new name, we’re still the same program and same team with the same mission: to transform healthcare by making it easier for startups and established healthcare leaders to work together.

This marks a significant milestone in the growth of MassChallenge HealthTech, providing an opportunity to reflect on our beginnings, our impact on the global healthcare community, and MassChallenge’s expansion of its industry-specific programming.

Founded in 2016, we were launched by MassChallenge, the City of Boston, MeHI, and the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership as part of a comprehensive public-private partnership to accelerate of the competitiveness of Massachusetts’ digital healthcare industry – the Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative. Through our work, we’ve helped strengthen the statewide digital health ecosystem – driving economic growth and improving health outcomes – while serving as a central hub for the global health innovation community.

In our first two years of programming, we have accelerated 63 startups through our unique zero-equity model that matches later stage health tech startups with established businesses to fuel their growth. And as MassChallenge’s first vertical accelerator, we pioneered a new model of supporting later-stage industry-focused startups. MassChallenge built on this progress and launched MassChallenge FinTech in May 2018.

It’s because of our community of partners, supporters, startups, and champions that our program has grown so significantly and has been so successful. Thank you all for your continued involvement and support of MassChallenge HealthTech. We look forward to sharing more with you as we head into our 2019 program: you can learn more about our work at our new webpage, on Twitter and Facebook, and at our 2019 Launch Event on September 13.

Nick Dougherty

MassChallenge HealthTech Managing Director