Top MassChallenge Mexico Startups Win $2M Pesos 

[November 7, 2018] Mexico CityMassChallenge Mexico, part of MassChallenge’s global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, tonight announced that Xilinat, Host a pet, Genómica Médica, Nuup, and Cuéntame are the prize winning startups of the 2018 accelerator program. The startups won a combined total of $2M pesos in zero-equity cash prizes.

The announcement took place during the annual MassChallenge Awards event in Mexico City. As part of the Awards Ceremony, Camila Lecaros (Managing Director at MassChallenge Mexico) mentioned that “After more than 1,000 hours of mentorship, over 45 workshops and 311 expert mentors, judges and speakers, this generation has shown great growth that is reflected in the 11 million dollars raised in capital after their journey in MassChallenge Mexico”. In addition, four out of the five startups that won cash prizes have female co-founders.

Out of the 36 startups that participated in the four month accelerator program, the five winning startups were selected by a group of expert judges who based their selection on the potential of each of the startups, as well as the impact they would have on society.

Founded in 2016, MassChallenge Mexico has accelerated 100 startups, who have raised over $27M USD, and have created over 800 jobs.

$500,000 Pesos Diamond Winners


México | Food

XiliNat transforms corn residues from farmers into xylitol, a natural sweetener substitute that tastes identically to sugar, is ideal for diabetics, low in calories and protects teeth against cavities.

Host a pet

México | General

Host a Pet is an online marketplace that connects pet owners with a wide list of certified nearby places that provide pet boardinghouse services.

$333,333 Pesos Gold winners

Genómica Médica

México | Healthcare

Genómica Médica develops DNA tests from saliva to prevent common diseases, avoid adverse drug effects & promote healthier lifestyles.


México | Healthcare

Cuéntame is an online personalized psychological platform that helps people become their best version with a goal-oriented technology, now focused on companies to offer the service to their employees.


México | Food

Nuup bridges smallholder farmers and agri-food companies by gathering and sharing information, facilitating collaboration and increasing transparency.

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Top MassChallenge Mexico Partners

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