AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP® AgeTech Accelerator Program

The 2023 AgeTech Accelerator sponsored by the AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP® is a 6-week program intended to support 9 startups with technology solutions designed to meet the needs of the world’s aging population and break into the $45 trillion AgeTech market.  Startups selected for this program will work intensely on the desirability, feasibility and viability of their idea.  Upon completion of the program, startups will be granted acceptance into the AgeTech Collaborative ecosystem of 240+ industry leaders, investors, testbeds, business services and startups working to make aging easier for everyone.


If you are a startup that sits at the intersection of longevity and technology with a product, service or experience that contributes to longer, healthier lives empowering people to choose how they live as they age, we encourage you to APPLY NOW!

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Areas of Focus

We are actively recruiting startups whose technology or solution aligns with the following areas:

  • Unpaid Caregiving
  • Mental Health / Sleep / Holistic Wellness
  • Women’s Health / Menopause
  • Wearables / Fitness / Nutrition
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Remote Health / Telehealth
  • Social Connection / Companionship / Fun & Fulfillment / Gaming / Travel

  • Savings 

  • AI / AR / VR / XR

Program Benefits

Upon completion of the program, you will emerge with:


  • A deeper understanding and connection to the needs of the 50+ market.
  • Exposure and connection to a vast network of enterprises and investors who have a shared interest in the AgeTech category
  • Access to the AgeTech Collaborative’s community of curated testbeds, enlightened enterprises, forward-thinking investors, and other startups that are using technology to help revolutionize aging. As a participant of the AgeTech Collaborative you’ll be able to search for pilot opportunities, network with other AgeTech insiders and access vendor services.

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Featured Partner

AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP®, an unparalleled innovation ecosystem bringing together cutting-edge thinkers in the longevity tech space to champion meaningful advances so that everyone can choose how they live as they age. AARP’s decades of exclusive longevity insights, the breakthrough collaborative ecosystem and community of innovators positions the AgeTech Collaborative to lead the future of AgeTech.