Bridge to MassChallenge

Connecting & Strengthening Global Innovation Ecosystems

Through Bridge to MassChallenge, MassChallenge partners with international leaders to build stronger innovation ecosystems. We work together to develop and implement innovative new approaches that transform local innovation economies, streamline corporate innovation practices, and help startup ecosystems evolve and thrive.


Launched in 2012, Bridge to MassChallenge strengthens innovation ecosystems and drives the creation of high-quality jobs by supporting entrepreneurs and connecting them to our global network. Using our tested model for driving economic development, we bring world-leading expertise, experience, and connections to help you build your ecosystems and drive high-quality job creation.


To date, we have collaborated with nineteen markets around the world, ranging from Australia to Thailand to Colombia, to drive understanding of the strategic value of economic networks, empower partners to build their communities, and connect entrepreneurs and ecosystems to global markets.

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“Bringing the 12-month program to Cork (Ireland) has strengthened the region’s life sciences ecosystem and has elevated the credibility of Cork as a location for life science innovation and investment.”
Sharon Corcoran
Director of Economic Development & Tourism, Cork County Council, Ireland
“An invaluable partner... MC’s expertise, guidance and support have raised our city’s profile on a national and international stage and helped position us for significant innovation-driven economic growth.”
Hector Robles
Former Mayor of the City of Zapopan, Mexico [Founding Partner]

Program Benefits

MassChallenge offers the following services as part of Bridge to MassChallenge:

  • Global Startup Boot Camps: MassChallenge runs – or helps partners run – a competition to source and grow your highest-impact startups. Selected startups participate in an intensive week of specialized workshops, trainings, and mentoring sessions with top industry experts from around the world.
  • Innovation Ecosystem Tours: MassChallenge organizes and hosts tailored tours of a MassChallenge location and/or other relevant industry sites for innovation leaders. Participating leaders receive exposure to the MassChallenge market or site visit location, networking opportunities, and insights into how best to support local startups.
  • Advisory Support: MassChallenge works with leaders to build integrated and evidence-based innovation ecosystem solutions. We leverage MassChallenge experience, the MassChallenge model, and our industry-leading methodology to help local accelerators, governments, corporates, or nonprofits design their startup acceleration program strategy.
  • Ecosystem Building: MassChallenge also offers skill- or industry-specific trainings for local innovation and ecosystem leaders. MassChallenge will work with partners to identify the needs of those innovation leaders and tailor a workshop to fit those needs.

Current Programs

Bridge to MassChallenge Benin is a national startup competition in partnership with Zeleus that identifies and accelerates the top startups in Benin while connecting them to the MassChallenge global network. The program is focused on supporting early-stage startups across all industries that are based in Benin and interested in growing their business in the Beninese market and beyond. 

To date, MassChallenge has partnered with leaders in Australia, Colombia, France, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Russia, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, and the United Kingdom to strengthen their innovation ecosystems. 

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