Challenge Programs

Challenge Programs

Focused Collaboration

Challenge Programs drive collaborations between our industry-specific partners and groundbreaking startups. These industry leaders are dedicated, informed, and have pressing challenges in need of solutions. Challenge Programs seek to foster collaboration with larger industry entities and agile startups to increase adoption and scalability. All take zero equity.

How to Apply


MassChallenge uses a competition model to select our startups. Prospective MassChallenge startups submit application(s) for the MassChallenge program(s) they would like to join. After submitting the application, startups will participate in one or two rounds of judging. At the end of these judging rounds, the highest-impact and highest-potential startups are invited to participate in the program as Finalists.

To learn more about our different programs and to view our application deadlines, please visit the relevant program page or contact us here.


How to apply

  • Register at by creating your founder profile
  • Create your startup profile
  • Complete and submit your application

About our judging process

In the first round of judging, all applications are reviewed online by our international community of judges.

  • Each application is reviewed by at least three judges (all of whom have completed a bias training).
  • Each applicant receives individualized feedback from the judges.

Startups are notified if they make the second round of judging. In the second round of judging, those startups pitch to a panel of judges or challenge partners in-person or via Skype (in some circumstances).

Just applying to the accelerator program can be a valuable experience for a startup. MassChallenge ensures that every single startup receives a comprehensive read of their application by assigning each of them a panel of diverse judges that represent a range of different industries:

  • All applicants receive feedback from expert judges on their online applications.
  • All Semi-Finalists receive extended feedback from expert judges on their in-person pitches.


For our early-stage accelerator programs in Boston, Israel, Switzerland, Mexico, and Texas: We accept applications for early stage startups across all industries, from anywhere in the world. If your startup has raised less than $1M in equity-based funding, generated less than $2M in annual revenue, and are set to make a big impact in your industry or on the world, you’re our kind of entrepreneur.

For our vertical programs MassChallenge HealthTech and MassChallenge FinTech: We accept applications from industry-focused startups that have raised less than $10M in equity-based funding and generated less than $10M in annual revenue. If your startup exceeds these guidelines, we still recommend that you apply for the accelerator program. There will be an opportunity on the application for you to provide more information about your current funding amounts. Prospective startups should be developed enough to work collaboratively with a large business or institution.

Challenge Partners