FinTech Program


The Masschallenge FinTech Program is dedicated to supporting mid to late stage fintech founders on their journey to scale their companies. As a participant, they’ll have access to the extensive MassChallenge community, consisting of experienced mentors, successful entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.


The program goes beyond traditional mentorship, offering strategic advising from our network of corporate partners who bring deep industry knowledge and insights. Coupled with a curriculum specifically designed to prepare startup founders for scaling and engaging with corporate partners, we provide targeted guidance on areas such as operational efficiency, strategic partnerships, compliance, and market expansion. Our program also offers invaluable mentorship access from investors and venture capitalists from our robust MassChallenge ecosystem who can provide valuable guidance on fundraising, investor relations, and growth strategies.


Applications open on September 26th.

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Create a profile and stay up to date on application dates, new programs, and funding opportunities. Applications for 2023 open on September 26th.

Program Benefits

  • Warm introductions to our global investors – with zero equity taken.
  • One-on-ones with our industry experts to strengthen your enterprise readiness as you scale.
  • Outcomes-driven partnerships between enterprises and startups.
  • Solutions to the challenges that startups and enterprises face are backed by corporate C-Suite support, budget, and resources.

Eligibility Requirement

While MassChallenge supports a wide array of early to late stage startups – the FinTech program is designed to support mid-late stage companies that possess a validated product/solution ready for scaling.


For our in-person accelerator program, we do require that you (or a founding team member) be in attendance for all mandatory, in person events. Dates will be published by OCT 2023; and our Matchmaking Interview Process with Corporate Partners, for selected Startups, will be held in person, on January 16th– 19th, 2024 in the MassChallenge office in Seaport-Boston, MA.


Please note these are guidelines, not firm requirements. While funding and revenue are important factors in enterprise readiness, we also look at team strength, product/market fit, customer traction etc.


2024 MassChallenge Statements coming soon – check back on September 26, 2023!

Key Dates

Partners to the 2024 FT Program

Challenge Partners


MassChallenge FinTech Partners accelerate the startup cohort in a multitude of ways. Strategic corporate advisors have deep insights into organizations in financial services and insurance and will engage startups in outcome-driven collaboration. They also serve as innovation champions and mentors to founders who are looking to break into corporate enterprise and may provide feedback on technology solutions.  

Community Partners


Community partners supplement with thought leadership, services and resources, expertise and networking opportunities in the Boston FinTech ecosystem and beyond. Startups selected into the program may request introductions to any of these partners to further promote an interest or determine viability and match of a specific use case. 


If you’re a startup solving issues in financial services (broadly defined), we encourage you to apply. We know that many of our partners are facing more challenges than they even realize, and that you, as innovators, are working to solve problems that they haven’t anticipated yet. You may work with multiple partners, too. This collaboration is the key to the future of financial services, and we want you involved. 

No, we accept applications from startups around the world. For startups selected to our program, we do require that you (or a founding team member) be in attendance for all mandatory, in person events. 

You can apply to our Fintech program via our Accelerate platform. For more information go to How to Apply page of the website under About.

Our accelerator program is mostly remote – however we do host in-person networking opportunities – all of which are optional attendance. 

Most of your MCFT time will be spent working with your partner(s) while you continue to run your business. That being said, we’re a firm believer in continual growth-–so you’ll be introduced to experts from industries such as financial services, law, compliance and regulation, and technology. 

Participation in the program requires at least 1 representative from your team to be present for the Bootcamp which kicks off February 2nd and completing various assessments on your startups progress throughout the program. On average, startups dedicate at least 4 hours per week to the program. This includes meetings with partners, partner deliverables, and networking events.