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Since 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has been a leader in helping startups across Europe grow their businesses by accelerating 461 startups across multiple industries that have raised more than $558M in funding. 

Our flagship program is the early-stage startup accelerator, which accepts startups from any industry, and in 2022 will be comprised of the agnostic program and 3 industry-specific tracks: Sustainable Food Solutions, Health Solutions and Climate Solutions.  All startups in the accelerator will be advised about how to make their business climate responsible and must intend to off-set their emissions or actively reduce GHG to be considered. The program in 2022 will likely be a mix of in person and online activity due to the pandemic.  

In addition to the accelerator MassChallenge Switzerland runs a challenge program matching later-stage startups with corporate partners in the food industry. 

In the news:

  • Meet the top 12 Finalists of 2021 and MassChallenge Switzerland’s plans of accelerating climate responsible startups. Read more >>
  • Applications for the 3rd edition of the Sustainable Food Solutions Challenge are now open until January 14th 2022.
  • Startup-Corporate Success Story Series - Plant Jammer & Südzucker

Accelerator Benefits

  • Unrivaled access to 15+ global corporate partners including Nestlé, Bühler, Givaudan, Barry Callebaut, DSM, Louis Dreyfus Company, General Mills, Südzucker, Ricola, PMI, Bystronic, SMC,  - totalling over CHF 260 billion in revenue
  • World class mentoring from 400+ experts and tailored programming provided with no equity taken in return
  • The opportunity to compete for up to CHF 1M in non-dilutive cash prizes and other in-kind awards
  • Switzerland-specific advice on regulations and tax, easy access to the EU market, and strong trade links
  • A proven model that has helped more than 65% of finalists raise funds during or immediately after the program


Applications Open

19 January 2022

Applications Webinar

2 & 23 February 2022

Applications Close at 23:59 CET

2 March 2022

Switzerland Accelerator & Sustainable Food Solutions, Health Solutions & Climate Solutions Track Begins

6 July 2022

Awards & Closing Ceremony

27 October 2022

Switzerland Industry Tracks 

Operating as part of the MassChallenge Switzerland accelerator program, select early-stage startups will receive additional specialized support and resources. 
Startups interested in participating in the tracks can apply via the 2022 MassChallenge Switzerland accelerator application, which will open on January 19, 2022. Startups DO NOT need to be in any of these industries to apply to MassChallenge Switzerland. Industry Tracks are simply an option. In 2022, Switzerland’s tracks include:

Sustainable Food Solutions Track

Brings together the largest multi-national food corporations, world-class mentorship from food experts, and tailored curriculum focused on sustainability, food, and packaging to accelerate the impact of production, distribution, packaging, and food disposal startups.

Health Solutions

Switzerland has a strong heritage in med-tech, life sciences and social-care. We bring together experts – entrepreneurs, VCs, and businesses – that can help startups in this sector. 

Climate Solutions

For startups from any industry who have solutions that can reduce GHG emissions. We are especially interested in startups who have technologies that can help our partners in the agriculture and engineering sectors. Startups will get access to our partners and help from experts to grow their business.

Sustainable Food Solutions Challenge

The Challenge identifies later-stage startups or scaleups and matches them with a MassChallenge partner to accelerate innovation in the food sector. Selected startups will work directly with key stakeholders within a global food corporate where they’ll get access to co-development opportunities, product validation, customer connections, strategic investments, or advisor introductions. Startups with a prototype or working proof of concept are encouraged to apply.

Apply here for the 2022 Edition.


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Matt Lashmar
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Matt joined MassChallenge in March 2019 as he has a passion for helping Entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition. He’s a qualified Coach and combines this with his extensive commercial experience. In a past life Matt worked at Procter & Gamble managing both a country and region, leading marketing, sales & commercial management across consumer focused and B2B businesses in developed and developing markets in Europe, and Asia.

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