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MSL Pharma (Met Syn Lysine Ltd).
MSL Pharma (Met Syn Lysine Ltd).

50% of overweight & obese individuals suffer from Metabolic Syndrome in which there is a chronic elevation of blood Insulin levels, which in turn increases Insulin Resistance, causing an increase in appetite and over-eating, thus creating a vicious cycle, causing MI & Strokes.
We will cut off this vicious cycle by inhibiting Insulin secretion using a Somatostatin analogue, reverse Metabolic Syndrome, lower body weight & prevent pre-diabetic patients from developing type 2 diabetes.
A cyclic oral Somatostatin analogue to reverse Metabolic Syndrome will lower weight, blood sugar, blood pressure & balance blood lipids

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2020 Finalist Israel

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Therapeutics (Pharma / Biotech)


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