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Curvs ( Prior Name: All Yoga Pants)

Black and Latino women can’t find athleisure brands that speak to them and fit their shape. Today’s customers are size 6-18, earn 50K a year, live in cities with 44% of millennials being minorities and 67% of women being plus size. The increase in minority buying power (2.9 trillion) and curvy growth ($21 billion) creates an opportunity in this market. AYP sells activewear made for black and latino women at a mid-tier price point. As the athleisure definition grows we can expand our offerings.
We are a one-stop clothing shop for curvy-shaped women. We make athleisure fashion accessible to multi-cultural women (non-plus and plus).

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Curvs ( Prior Name: All Yoga Pants)


2019 Finalist Boston

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