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Sana Health Inc

Non-drug pain management.
4 early clinical trials with, great early data.
Addresses hemispheric imbalance in EEG activity causes deep relaxation, anxiety reduction, and pain relief.
1st market Fibromyalgia - 45% QoL improvement, (best drug is <10%)
Neuropathic pain study Mount Sinai 2019, 2020 -Cleveland Clinic Multiple Sclerosis, UPenn Post Op-Pain, Walter Reid Lower Back Pain -
1st patent granted 5 more filed
Contract with NATO for sleep and improving mental health.
6m round closing
Non-drug pain management, great early clinical data and trials with 4 top hospitals 2020. Fibromyalgia is first market - 45% QoL improvement

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Sana Health Inc


2020 Finalist HealthTech

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