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Amore Congelato

Would you rather eat six cups of kale or one pint of gelato? The answer is obvious, you would pick the gelato. Why eat veggies when you can get more nutrients by eating Amore Congelato’s delicious date-sweetened gelato and sorbet?
America’s favorite dessert is now sweetened with dates making it delicious AND nutritious. Our gelato has up to 16 essential vitamins and minerals including 24g of protein, 46% DV of fiber, 50% DV of Vitamin B12, 30% DV of iron, potassium, and zinc, and 15% vitamin D.
An all-natural, date sweetened gelato containing up to 16 essential vitamins and minerals, 24g of protein, and amazing tastes has arrived.

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Amore Congelato


2020 Finalist Boston

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Food, Beverages & Restaurants

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