Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems

The food value chain accounts for c. 25- 30% of total Green House Gas emissions. According to the IPCC, observed climate change is already affecting food security through increasing temperatures, changing rain patterns, and a greater frequency of extreme events. Combining supply-side actions such as efficient production, transport, and processing with demand-side interventions such as modification of food choices and reduction of food loss and waste, can reduce Green House Gas emissions and help feed the planet’s projected 9 billion population in 2050.


MassChallenge has partnered with some of the biggest corporations in Food production (Nestlé, Bühler, Givaudan, dsm-firmenich, Louis Dreyfus Company, and more), to find, accelerate, and collaborate with startups, so that the startup’s business grows and they make massive impact to society.   

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Organizations interested in MassChallenge sourcing novel sustainable food systems solutions with potential to solve their innovation challenges.

Sustainable Food Systems Programs

The Better Plate Track – Alternative Protein (Israel Early Stage)

Any processes or technologies that are used to provide sustainable alternative proteins, including plant-based meat-like foods, cultured meats, fermentation products and land-based aquaculture as a means of protein intake.

The Global Sustainable Food Track (Israel Early Stage)

A focus on sustainable food and packaging and aim to accelerate the impact of startups in the fields of food production, distribution, packaging, and disposal.

Sustainable Food Solutions Challenge

Startups or scaleups, with proven solutions or technologies in the areas of Sustainable Food & Feed Solutions, Sustainable Supply Chain & Manufacturing, Sustainable Packaging, and Agri Tech.

Sustainable Food Vertical (CH, IL, MX, US Early Stage)

Brings together the largest multi-national food corporations, world-class mentorship from food experts, and tailored curriculum focused on sustainability, food, and packaging to accelerate the impact of startups working in agriculture, food, & animal feed. Applications are now open in our Swiss hub!

Subindustries & Technologies

Within the large scope of sustainable food solutions, past and present industries MassChallenge is focused on include the following.