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5 reasons you dont want to miss MassChallenge…


1. This is the first major opportunity open to the public to meet all 128 of MassChallenges 2015 finalists.

If youre an entrepreneur, an investor, or just enthusiastic about innovation, join us on Wednesday, July 29th to get an inside look at the tremendous value being generated by these companies. Throughout the evening, youll have the opportunity to experience their new developments firsthand in an open-floor exposition.

2. Youll get to meet and network with some of the highest-impact startups in the world.
Selected from a pool of over 2,000 applicants, these finalists include many of the most promising companies that exist in the startup community right now. Through a rigorous and hyper-competitive selection process, the MassChallenge team has sifted through an incredible amount of talent and ideas to handpick the best. Attending the Showcase is a great way to keep up with the latest generation of startups, interact personally with up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and see for yourself their extraordinary potential.
3. These startups represent an extremely wide range of industries.
Maybe youre skeptical because tech isnt your thing. Perhaps you dont feel a very strong connection with non-profits, or youre only interested in one particular field of science. Well, thats ok weve got pretty much every category covered; High Tech, Clean Tech, Social Impact, Life Sciences, and General Retail startups will all be featured at the Showcase.
4. This years finalist class is the most diverse weve ever had.
Aside from lots of variation in industry, these companies are diverse on a global scale 14 different countries are represented among the 2015 finalists, with 24 of these startups coming from a country outside the U.S. Additionally, an astounding 44% of companies in the 2015 Boston Accelerator Program have at least one female founder.
5. Last but not least, its free!
This event has no cost; all you have to do is RSVP here to let us know you plan on attending.
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